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Predator Wolf (Heavy Armed Ver.)


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Nice review, but...

I've noticed people are being overly critical of this figure, and I strongly disagree... so here's my two cents.

Firstly, here is a pic of some simple paint work (on my Predator) that enhances the facial scarring -

And another pic of him using the correct hands for the shuriken (I had no problems) -

Bandai's Wolf Predator has excellent articulation, a plethora of accessories and an okay price. He's about 7" tall and is well proportioned with molded details that are slightly crisper than NECA's Predator offerings along with superior paint aps. Anyone that is complaining about paint aps is being nit-picky, the details that are present easily punch above their weight. My only complaint would be that the scarring on his face should have been more prominent, but an easy fix nonetheless.

This figure is fun to handle, and more enjoyable to pose and photograph than any of my NECA figures - and especially more so than my Hot Toys Predator figures - which are in need of updated (more sophisticated) ankle joints. If you like to pose and handle your figures, or like me just wanted one specifically for this purpose, you've found your Predator.

Some people complain about the body armour & the face mandibles popping off too easy. The mandibles could have fit better, but otherwise all is executed perfectly, the parts get knocked-off because they are simply there, not as a consequence of poor design, and mind you, I have ZERO problems in this department. Once you are aware of the accessory locations on his body, you instinctively avoid them.

As for parts and accessories breaking... people that are making these claims might want to consider what they are doing wrong, because this figure is no more fragile than what would commonly be expected from an adult collectible of this nature. Something of note is that you will receive different accessories based on which version you buy. One is the "Cleaner" version, while the other is the "heavy armor" version. They both have accessories that are unique unto themselves.

Ultimately this figure captures what's fun about action figures - a convenient size, accessories galore and, simply put, just fun to "play" with. I hope Bandai has more planned for this line, as it's a great design that perfectly straddles the point between Neca's entry level Predator line and Hot Toys' high-end Predator line.

As far as I'm concerned this Predator is a must buy for fans of the creature design, and people that enjoy a well-engineered action figure, that's also fun. Worth every dime. -Chris

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Posted by north-exit on 26 November, 2014 - 18:16