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Millennium Falcon


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I can only imagine how

I can only imagine how much of a drool factor there is involved here. This thing looks fantastically detailed!

The problem is, however, that I've never been a fan of the Falcon. The style, certainly, with exposed components and the rugged function-before-form ethic, but this particular ship never did it for me.
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 21 August, 2008 - 12:00
Sometimes a toy can be too big.

I had the GI Joe carrier long ago, and it literally became the white elephant of my collection. It just sat there with little to do with it, taking up the space where my bed used to be. I had to sleep on the floor to make room for the thing. Even to my young mind it seemed goofy-looking and way out of proportion for a carrier.

This toy is a nice nod to what was a great toy 30 years ago. Yeah it was even more disproportionate and was expensive, but it was 1978 and for a first time effort it was incredible. That old mold has seen numerous releases over the last three decades and is a testament to how great some of those old molds were back then.

I was ready to buy one when I first heard about it, I even sold off my Lego UCS Falcon to make room for it, but when I finally saw one on display it just looked odd. The enormous cockpit, the tiny mandibles, the oversize center section. It reminds me of that funky forced-perspective Yamato model kit where you look at it from a certain angle to simulate a visual. At certain views it looks great, but at times it looks way off and comical. For a kid it's probably the equivalent of the old toy to us back then, but to an adult collector I was expecting a bit more. If LEGO can make a minifig scale one for $500, then Hasbro could easily make a closer to scale toy for $300 that is 4 feet long and way more accurate.

Of course I'll be a complete hypocrite and buy one eventually, it's the god damn Falcon after all. But I won't be afraid to take a dremel and airbrush to it and address some of the shortcomings. These are warming shelves everywhere I go, the economy is in the dumper after all, so give it time and I'm sure these will be on clearance.

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Posted by duke togo on 21 August, 2008 - 13:53
Favorite Falcon in my Collection

I wasn't expecting to get one of these, but my wife surprised me with it for our wedding anniversary. I have all kinds of Falcons, from a Micro Machines Falcon on up to my Extraordinaire. I've got to say that this one is by far my favorite. Is it a perfect representation of the Falcon? No. Is it close enough? Absolutely.

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Posted by Heavyarms on 21 August, 2008 - 15:27
I love this thing!!

I dont even collect Star Wars toys and I had to have this. I guess after seeing it for the first time at this years SDCC I was smitten. I know that people may not like the proportions but that doesn't stop this from being one sweet Millennium Falcon. The thing is huge and very we made. My Millennium Falcon (the one shown in this review) has been dropped twice from 7' height while hanging it from the ceiling, with no breakage! Parts came off but they all went easily back on. This toy is one tough customer. I realize that I could have waited and saved a few bucks, but with all the detail and features I feel even at retail, it was still a good buy. Everybody who has come over my house and saw this hanging in my office have been very impressed. It really is an awesome display piece as well as a killer toy!


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Posted by Shogundan on 21 August, 2008 - 15:39
TIE Fighter

For those of us who don't really follow star wars toys, what TIE fighter is that?

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Posted by Anavel on 21 August, 2008 - 17:03

I fall into one of those weird segments of the collecting world, the playset/base collector.

At one point or another since the mid 90's, i've owned almost every major toyline playset ever released in the US in the 80's and 90's, even the few made in the 2000's. I've also owned most of the big vehicles from these lines as well. It's a rare breed, as most toy collectors just don't have the room to store the bigger pieces. Before I was a robot junkie, I was a playset junkie. The large size did it for me. The challenge of finding complete or boxed vintage examples. The sheer fact that no one really collects them to begin with. People Since 2002, sadly, I've sold off most of them, due to (surprise!) storage space. You try displaying a GI Joe Space Shuttle Complex, a USS FLAGG, and several larger Star Wars items... in an apartment. Your dagobah playset becomes a change recepticle, and Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain quickly become bookends. Not much room for anything else unless your toy room is a wing in your mansion!

Seeing this at a friend's house last week (i haven't gotten one yet) this is THE Star Wars large-scale playset. I'm very impressed. The proportions are a little off, but that's minor nitpick. It does have a little bit of the forced-perspective Space Battleship Yamato Model type of look, but honestly, if you want to get a screen-accurate Falcon, there are a number of statues and finished models that are available. This is a TOY through and through. It's got adult collector appeal, with it's vintage Falcon nods like the training ball and removable floor, but it's clearly meant for play value for kids, just as the original Falcon was in 77-78. That is something that can not be understated. The sheer size, in the current toy world especially, makes kids PSYCHED when this shows up at their house.

Far better than any previous Star Wars playset, including the excellent Naboo Starship (in my opinion the BEST Star Wars vehicle ever made up till now, if you think differently, you've NEVER owned one), the legendary Death Star playset from the 70's (i've had 2 of them!) and my personal favorite the Dagobah Playset. The Attack of the Clones Arena was a nice piece, as was the volcano from Revenge Of The Sith. But they're NOTHING compared to this. The GI Joe DEFIANT space shuttle still wins for play value, but it's a close finish with the new Falcon.

If you own any modern star wars figures, then you really NEED this. Believe the hype. What's the point of all the 3 3/4" goodness on your shelf with no Falcon? No point, my friends, no point.

This will quickly become the piece to own in the Modern Star Wars line, and will probably be the last large-scale, $100+ playset ever made. It will become a high-demand piece as soon as regular production stops.

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Posted by The Big R on 21 August, 2008 - 17:43
The Mini-Rig.

I've seen an inordinate amount of disinterest in the "escape pod." If someone doesn't like theirs, I'll gladly take it off your hands. ;p

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Posted by Roger on 21 August, 2008 - 17:58
Man, I kind of want this But

Man, I kind of want this

But the problem is: where would I find the space for the damn thing?

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Posted by Decade010 on 21 August, 2008 - 20:54
Hang it from the ceiling,

Hang it from the ceiling, just make sure you use at least 20lb test fishing line for safety. Believe me, I learned the hard way...LOL!


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Posted by Shogundan on 22 August, 2008 - 10:43

This does look excellent, but I just do not have the space for it at the moment. Also the price is a bit high. These are also warming the shelves here in the UK, so when they drop in price I might get one. The rally cool factor abut this is the excellent Chewbacca figure. I still like the original though even with its faults. Kenner did an excellent job on these toys about 30 years old.

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Posted by Mark M on 22 August, 2008 - 05:07
i'm not a SW collector but

i'm not a SW collector but when I seen the box for this in TRU I knew I wanted one but the size and price put me off... but when the sales come its mine

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Posted by Blitz on 22 August, 2008 - 11:02
"What the F**K is an

"What the F**K is an aluminum falcon!?"


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Posted by Sanjeev on 22 August, 2008 - 17:51
I think the hardest and

I think the hardest and smartest thing I ever did was to give all my Star Wars toys to my nephew on the condition that he actually take them out of my house. He couldn't leave them here to play with when he came to visit, they had to be completely gone out of my sight. If not for that, I would probably be $160 poorer right now.

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Posted by NekroDave on 22 August, 2008 - 18:07
Its really LONG!!!

Hey this is dragonoid_660 am just a 10 year old kid. When I spent my 1 week vacation at my cousins house we went to a playground (which you have to pay to play in) and then i saw that Millennium Falcon! I said to my self "its long! its cool!" and then look at some toys there. Its really cool! I love to buy that!

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Posted by dragonoid_660 on 9 June, 2009 - 10:16