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Review by VIR

A chubby, cute girl in an orange, half moon hooded jumpsuit, Mikazukin is a… you know, I think she’s really just that. No back-story for this one, gang; nothing to write up here.

With this, Itokin Park (aka Kazuhiko Ito) gives us the Mikazukin vinyl figure. While this is not a mass produced figure from any one manufacturer, the quality and construction of this little toy is masterful and loads of fun.

Let’s review:

My Mikazukin didn’t come with any packaging (she was a loose gift) but the figures usually come in plastic bags with a cardboard card affixed atop the bag showing off the figure and the line in a colorful cascade of figures. Quite pleasant, really.

This toy is absolutely adorable.



Mikazukin promotes an all-encompassing aura of cuteness. Being a little bit chubby and encased in a playtime onesie, she is unbearably charming; you really just want to pick her up. Her sculpt is solid and soft, showing off the curvature of the girl but not being overburdened with detail as to not muss the simplicity.



The paint is well applied and clean. She even has a subtle spraying of blush on her cheeks, which, I might add, is lovely to see. On the bottom of her feet are her trademark markings: Designed by Itokin Park and produced by One Up.


Mikazukin sports five points of articulation, all of which are simple swivels: head, arms, and legs.

pose 1

Her legs are at an angle as to let her sit with ease and look somewhat natural when doing it.

pose 2

Mikazukin stands at about 5.5 inches tall and is made of soft vinyl; she is hollow and can be squished with relative ease. But why on earth would you do that to her?


Mikazukin comes with no accessories. She can, however, be easily used as an accessory herself; there isn’t really much she doesn’t look good with.

it's easy being orange

Whoever said it was hard to be orange?

None whatsoever… unless cuteness is a gimmick (and at this point it might as well be).

Closing Remarks:
Itokin Park’s Mikazukin vinyl is a lovely toy. She’s cute and vinyl, which – in some capacity – should hit anyone’s fetish for toys. She may not move much, but she’s vinyl, so I don’t know what you were expecting. A legit Mikazukin, however, is very expensive. New, these figures go for 60 dollars and up! This figure is not for anyone but hardcore designer vinyl collectors, but if you can find one for cheap or if you just need to have a Mikazukin of your own, then you really can’t go wrong.

Posted 14 February, 2012 - 09:59 by VIR