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Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant)

Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant)
Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant)
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Review by starro

The statue has no poseability, comes with a base and is packaged in fairly straightforward plastic packaging with full color window box.

As with most statues, the greatest feature on this one is the sculpt. Very nice. Generally speaking, this is what I would like the DC Direct anime statues to resemble more. Clean with tantalizing features but retaining the original clean animated look.

The statue captures the original likeness and feel of the character - the hair, the costume, and the overall figure of Maria Freed. Her ray gun is a nice touch.

There isn’t much detail on the original Maria but the sculpt really enhances the sexy look of the character.

There’s a non-trivial increase in breast size and nipple expression accompanied by an expected change in the stretchability of her classic Drill Spazer costume.

We also see a change in the boots-which are now high-heeled.

The rear is okay too.

Maria is one of the Go Nagai giant robot girl statues from Yamato, including Sayaka Yumi from MAZINGER Z and Saotome Michiru from GETTER ROBO, but this one is my favorite.

Posted 21 February, 2009 - 23:43 by starro