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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn
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Review by starro

This recent release of AmeComi statues includes Gotham’s other deadly duo: Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. These two sexy supervillains were paired up in Batman: The Animated Series and the affinity between them has stuck-becoming one of the Gotham/DCU’s more popular supervillain combinations.


Harley has no posability except for her head, which can be slightly adjusted.

Instead of the conventional foot to base connection, the figure is supported by a stand which connects into the back. The peg that connects into Harley’s back is adjustable allowing some range of posability.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things you notice about this figure is the sculpt!! Probably one of the MOST elaborate and I must say really great sculpts of the figures I’ve seen on these statues so far!!

The emphasis on this figure has gone away from the sexuality and focused more on the details that bring out the personality of the “re imagining” of each character in manga/anime rather then in a more comic book world. This is accomplished while at the same time retaining features that the core of the character would still possess.


*The back of the head, for example has a gemini-style face which looks almost elaborate then Harley’s actual face. I gotta say, I REALLY like this pat of the figure!!

*The cupcake in her hand has a little bomb embedded in the frosting along with the little fuse burning.

*The little metal tips on the shoulder and headdress are pretty elaborate.

*There are some subtle asymmetrical mismatches in color between the right and left side which is a nice touch.

I am also happy to see that this is the first of these statues that uses a clearly different bust size as the others all seem to be pretty much the same sculpt.

I think that if I have any complaints its that the paint job on some of the finer patterns on the checkerboard pattern on the arms and legs bleeds through and there’s some pink where red and white ought to be clearly separated. Also, there’s a bunch of little green tassels that are supposed to be on each circle on the upper thigh and the paint on a bunch of these is a bit overdone and creates a bit of a halo on each tassel (you see this more where its set against a white background).

My other comment is on the stand. Its stable and is a creative way to support the figure and create a motion-type dynamic for the pose. But it looks pretty fragile and if it breaks-either from a fall or just from an overly zealous package removal, that’s pretty much it.

Harley doesn’t stand on her own. So, there is a trade off and with this review, you have a warning to remove the stand carefully from the plastic packaging.

Posted 13 February, 2009 - 13:13 by starro