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Ditto on him being my

Ditto on him being my favorite because he was the brainy member of the team. Heh.

In fact, I still have my original release Donatello action figure. And when I went to college in '88, he was one of the few personal items I kept on my dorm room desk to show visitors what I was into (he was joined by a wind-up Lost in Space Robot and Robby the Robot). It goes without saying that I was tickled to meet Barry Gordon (voice from the 80's cartoon) last year and hang out with him for a bit. He was super nice and friendly. And just last week, I got to likewise chat several times with Ernie Reyes, Jr. who played Donnie in the first live-action film (as his stuntman). Got a pic of him holding my much-loved action figure, too.

I'll never ditch my original, but these SHFs do look like they stepped right off the screen. It's remarkable how far action figures have come!

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Posted by japester on 9 November, 2016 - 01:40
Excellent photography, really

Excellent photography, really did the figure justice. Having zero interest in anything post the original cartoon myself, I'm finally intrigued by a modern representation of the classic design. With NECA's latest limited TMNT releases being virtually impossible to purchase (especially for non US residents), I gotta say these Bandai figs have definitely eased the frustration. I just hope that Bandai builds on the line...

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Posted by north-exit on 15 November, 2016 - 08:46