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Darth Vader


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The ArtFX statues have all

The ArtFX statues have all been pretty incredible looking. Even though this one is relatively static, the other Darth Vader they did is insane! Really dynamic and cool to look at. These Star Wars statues they've been doing are all pretty top notch.

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Posted by Dkun on 28 September, 2011 - 17:16
Ive seen action statues of

Ive seen action statues of Darth Vader and they just dont seem right to me, this statue is just perfect in my eyes, I will definitely have to pick one of these up when I get a chance

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Posted by chachipower on 28 September, 2011 - 22:13
Movie Darth Vader didn't move like that

I think we aren't used to seeing Darth Vader doing action poses because the costume was so heavy and bulky and awkward that David Prowse couldn't move very well. It's hard to get an action pose when your shoulders are encased in twenty pounds of hard plastic.

Dark Horse put out a "Star Wars" manga some years ago; in it, the artist re-interpreted the Vader/Kenobi fight in "A New Hope" with a lot of samurai-duel stuff. It looked really cool!

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Posted by RobotBastard on 29 September, 2011 - 12:18
He moved like that in Star

He moved like that in Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi

remember that game?

I do.

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Posted by VF5SS on 29 September, 2011 - 14:52