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Cylon Centurion Warrior (Silver)


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I passed on this and the

I passed on this and the Tower Records Gold one primarily because of the lack of electronics. At the price they were asking ($40-$50 I think) it just felt too much for something that lacked such a must-have feature as an LED and voice chip. Paying that and then having to do the work myself just made me feel I could live without it.

Mattel had one that lit up and moved in the 70's, it looked like ass, but it lit up. I'm guessing it was going to be part of the figure at one point but the costs of parts, labor, and safety certifications would make an already pricey figure that much more so. These were also I believe one of the very first releases done by Amok, so they were still learning the ropes on getting a product to market. I'm sure if they had done these now after all they've done it would be closer to that ideal toy.

Maybe if I see one on the cheap I'd revisit the idea of modding one. I do kind of regret passing on them when Tower Records closed, they were marked down to like $15.

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Posted by duke togo on 5 March, 2009 - 16:05
They aren't the same thing?

They aren't the same thing? Amok was involved in the prior ones at some point, I remember seeing them promote the hell out of them. Did they buy up all the unsold stock along with the license?


After looking up an old review it appears Amok is making the old one with some improvements (like the skirt and better chrome). So while I was admittedly wrong in that respect, the fact is, it still doesn't have an LED or sound chip and is $50.

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Posted by duke togo on 5 March, 2009 - 19:19
A review of the Magestic toy

A review of the Magestic toy can be found here. Definitely a different toy.

I do hope that either Amok Time gets enough interest in these figures that they release a higher-end version with electronics...even if it doubles, or even triples, the price. Either that, or some enterprising customizers can market a kit to do the conversion on their own...

Still a great toy, either way!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 6 March, 2009 - 17:05
It's different in very small

That was the review I found earlier as well.

It's different in very small ways, and it must be a reworked version of the Majestic. There are far too many similarities for it to be a new sculpt. Majestic is kaput, and Amok picked up the pieces and improved on their work.

If I had to get one I'd go for this one since it has the disco skirt, but for the money I just feel that they could have added something as low tech as a light pipe.

To make matters worse, they are doing a Lucifer figure that will have a light pipe, so the lack of Cylon love is that much more frustrating.

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Posted by duke togo on 6 March, 2009 - 17:18
Yeah, this is basically the

Yeah, this is basically the same toy with modifications. From their 2008 Toy Fair press release:

"After the unfortunate end of Majestic Studios we wanted to make sure that someone continued their great line of Classic Battlestar Galactica action figures. That someone is US. Amok Time will continue the Classic BSG line thru 2010. We are improving the original Majestic Cylon’s, both Silver and Gold, so that they are more accurate than the original release. We will be adding the Cylon’s skirt, the one part of their distinctive uniform, that was missing from the original Majestic release."

I'm pretty sure Paul told us that he would have liked to have added those features, but it would have made it cost more than they felt it would sell at.

I'm curious though. Was there a 3rd Cylon released this decade? I seem to remember seeing them at Tower, but it was when I lived in Atlanta, at least 6 years ago and therefore not that 2006 release. I'm not really a BSG fan so I never paid it much attention, though.

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Posted by NekroDave on 6 March, 2009 - 17:31
re cylon

I love this figure but a couple of things really bug me about it- first the head, the jaw area from the side ends halfway along the side of the head on the actual screen- seen robot. On this figure it extends all the way around the head right round the back almost like a darth vader esque affair this is a real shame and bugs me, the screen used cylons have 2 black panels on the back of the head- these are not on the majestic studios version or the amok time version but joyride put it on their smaller figure. - also the eye - the way its painted is pretty goofy and the red is also too changes the face too much the whole cylon eye thing is lost where a dot in the middle would have been fine.
if this was sold as a toy i would be happy toys are ment to be played with but when it is marketed as a collectors figure you expect something a little more accurate there are the silver cuffs on the arms, but not the black cuffs that they go over the sword is way too short, just little details that unfortunatly spoil what could have been an outstanding figure.

i am sure there were reasons for altering the shape of the head- indeed the original 12 inch c3po was highly innacurate too broad too stocky but its a great toy, the original 3 /34 scale r2d2s head is completely wrong in almost every way but its still r2d2.the 12 inch cyberman from dr who was out of proportion the head too small and way too narrow the body way to broad and massive- but its a cyberman. this is a cylon- you can tell its a cylon - its wonderful it is masive and very heavy it is well made but just has these little issues that stop it holding up as a collectors figure.

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Posted by proteus on 19 July, 2011 - 07:12
re the earlier questions and

re the earlier questions and comments-
the first release by majestic studios was the silver centurion and gold commander- the gold one was a tower records exclusinve but it was available elsewhere in the world via comics shops- there seems to be way more gold ones than silver ones. this is odd seeing as the gold one was exclusive

the second release by amok time also consisted of silver and gold cylons they are identical to the previous ones except for a different box, the addition of shiny black leg guards and the rear skirt.

the only other vintage style cylon releases were from joyride who made 6 inch silver and - yawn-gold cylons and also minimates who made silver gold imperious leader and lucifer figures.

amok time announced they were making a 12 inch lucifer some years ago,it appeared in diamonds previews catalog but to my knowledge was never made- despite a couple of online sellers offering it for 99 dollars or so.

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Posted by proteus on 19 July, 2011 - 07:06