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Guiron (Clear)


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The irony is...

...that I did end up buying one! ...From the same seller, too! ;)

Now, all I need is a glowie (or translucent) Jiger to finish off the Showa Gamera kaiju (there's a Marusan glowie, but I can never seem to find it)...

Anyway, with all my experience filling translucent vinyls with glow gravel, I've gotten to know translucents pretty well. Lemme tell ya, this one's expecially well done. The vinyl has a wonderful clarity that ya just don't see on many translucent vinyls (especially Bandai ones).

And, yes, my Guiron is getting the glow gravel treatment. See, kids? Peer pressure works! Thanks, Nekrodave!!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 9 November, 2007 - 13:07
Not sure why I'm bringing this up 3 days later but....

This guy is easily my favorite Gamera kaiju besides Gamera himself.
Obviously,none of the showa era Gamera characters are anywhere near Toho's in terms of being classic icons,but every now and then I enjoy a change of pace. Gamera movies are wonderful IMO,because they just don't care. You'll never see Godzilla stick telephone poles in his ears,or perform a rousing accoustic rendition of his theme song on an enemy's spinal column,but Gamera really rises to the occasion. They knew the movies would be considered stupid by anyone over 6,so why not go all out?

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Posted by kidnicky on 11 November, 2007 - 12:31
Showa Gamera kaiju

...perform a rousing accoustic rendition of his theme song on an enemy's spinal column

Hahaha...I was just watching Zigra the other night. I actually just scored the X-Plus unpainted glowie of him. I just love underwater monsters!

But, yeah, I know what you mean about showa Gamera kaiju. Perhaps not iconic, but definitely distinctive. One of my favorites is Barugon (obviously not to be confused with Toho's Baragon!)...dude: flame-throwing tongue!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 11 November, 2007 - 22:37