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Great review Atom! I must

Great review Atom! I must admit, these Human Alliance figures are really starting to grow on me and I find myself very compelled to dive in with both feet and get them all. BTW, I have not seen the Human Alliance Barricade as of yet, but I will keep an eye out for it.

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Posted by Shogundan on 21 December, 2009 - 21:08
I can't say I'm too fond of

I can't say I'm too fond of the Movie Bumblebee, but Human Alliance Sideswipe looks awesome. I really like this line a lot and the next time I happen to see one it'll be hard not to pick up as he's one of my favorite designs.

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Posted by Dkun on 21 December, 2009 - 21:39
This is the model for a

This is the model for a perfect review IMO. Excellent work, as always, Atom. A surprisingly tasty figure.

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Posted by The Enthusiast on 21 December, 2009 - 22:46
These reviews are more

These reviews are more interesting when used to talk about real life.

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Posted by jacksauce on 21 December, 2009 - 23:44
Really pleased with this

Really pleased with this review. Human Alliance class is probably the best thing that happened to ROTF. Briliant engineering and finishing touches, some gimmicks don't get to me, but some are simply great (BBB's battle mask). If anyone want to have a Bumblebee in his collection, this is the one version that rocks the most, easily blowing away Deluxe Camaro Concept from 2007 and the Ultimate class. I also like how you can see touches of engineering typical for Alternators and I believe HA are are a spiritual sequel to Alts and BTs.

One thing that pisses me off though is that in Polish shops they are sold for twice the American MRSP, so I'm glad I got my HAs from different source.

By the way, Atom, I'm not sure if you presented your opinion on the spring-loaded chest pieces. Do they bother you just like me?

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Posted by Wallas on 22 December, 2009 - 06:30
I also position them as

I also position them as last, but they are a bother still- try to pose Bee or adjust parts without flipping them back to car mode... can get really annoying from time to time.

I also find it hard to plug Sam into his platform on Bumblebee's back, just not enough space to place him there comfortably.

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Posted by Wallas on 23 December, 2009 - 06:04
We picked up HA Bumblebee

We picked up HA Bumblebee early this summer. By far it's the best movie Bumblebee toy to date. My son loves Bumblebee and this one has gotten the most playtime, by a large margin. As an adult, I like the sturdiness of it; it holds any pose, as Atom stated, unlike many other movie Transformers. I do think they are somewhat overpriced compared to other similar toys, but I'll likely pick up at least Sideswipe and Barricade sooner or later. Not sure about the twins, I'm awfully "meh" about them.

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Posted by djinniman37 on 22 December, 2009 - 10:00

Great review! HA Bumblebee is one of the best toys that Hasbro's put out recently. Sideswipe's not nearly as nice of a figure, having a lot more kibble and unexplainable hollowness, but the HA Skids toy is nearly as good as Bumblebee. It's super solid, stable, and so on. Pretty much all the things to love about Bumblebee are there with Skids. Whether you care for the character or not, it's a very good toy.

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Posted by fujikuro on 22 December, 2009 - 10:44

Well officer...the engineering on this robot is incredible, almost movie accurate--I admit that, but the human figure needs a battle suit....a very, well protectable battle suit.

-R78 }:)

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Posted by Rodimus78 on 22 December, 2009 - 16:10
Battle suit? Are you

Battle suit? Are you kidding-? Sam Witwicky is already invincible, so why would he need anything at all!? :(

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 22 December, 2009 - 22:17

Style my friend, style!

-R78 );)

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Posted by Rodimus78 on 22 December, 2009 - 22:24
Is kind a

replacing minicon with human, well... a kind of...

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Posted by Berserk on 22 December, 2009 - 20:05

"replacing minicon with human, well... a kind of..."

Yep... my thoughts exactly. It needs a protecto-suit, like Kicker.

"Veritas vos liberabit"

-R78 }:)

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Posted by Rodimus78 on 22 December, 2009 - 22:16
I really can't justify

I really can't justify paying 30 bucks for a slightly better Bumblebee than the one I already have. I might get Sideswipe or whichever twin comes with Tuturro (my favorite character) since I don't have any non-robot hero toys of those guys.
Now if these were G1,I would definately get Powerglide and Astoria,Seaspray and Alanna,and probably Ironhide and Chip. Get on it,Hasbro!
Come to think of it,I'm surprised Hasbro didn't do what we've wanted for years and make these the same scale as 3 3/4 G.I. Joes. Imagine Destro driving around a Hiss tank and it can turn into Megatron! Serpentor's future segway thing would be a good Transformer candidate as well. THIS I COMMAND!

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Posted by kidnicky on 25 December, 2009 - 12:28
Awesome toy

I just got this for Christmas and the previous positive comments are all true, and then some. The articulation on this figure is incredible. The transformation is fun, complicated, and very G1 in its lack of shell-forming. The likeness of the character is dead-on. The size is perfect, as well--he is a giant compared to the Deluxe Bumblebees, but not so big as to be unwieldy.

I enjoy the Sam figure as well. How can you not love the freaked out look on Sam's face? :O My current favorite place to put him is on the contact point on Bumblebee's hand, with him standing there holding onto Bumblebee's arm.

I'd go as far as saying this the best modern (i.e., articulated) Transformer we've gotten ever. Get this toy. You will not be disappointed.

I have Skids as well, and he's more like an Alternator. He's smaller and he's more of a shell-former. The bike he comes with is overly simple and very difficult to keep Mikaela on. I don't feel like he's worth the $35 price point, but I got him for $10 on Amazon during a sale, so I'm happy with him.

I can't wait for Barricade!

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Posted by JeffStein on 26 December, 2009 - 12:46