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Black Cat

Black Cat
Black Cat
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Review by starro

Black Cat’s costume has been largely consistent over the years-but the colors seem to vary between the dark black and the dark blue tones with the white fur cuffs. Colors shown on this figure are the blue and white as seen on the cover of this issue from awhile back..

Statue graciously provided by Kotobukiyabukiya for review.

Four color window box.

Illustration of the Bishoujo version of the Black Cat.

Plastic Blister.

Accessories showing instruction manual, base and 2ndary support for the leg.

The Black Cat meets all of the very high expectations that Kotobukiyabukiya has set for their DC and Marvel superhero statues. No other accessories other than those above. No posability and no cast-of. She is a bit shorter than Ms. Marvel (who is about 8 to 9 inches tall). Black Cat is only about 7 to 8 inches tall (although still in the 1:7 scale).

The sculpt has her very much in character, with a “caught in the act” pose, holding a jewel in her right hand.

They go with a younger looking, cuter Black Cat with big eyes.

Rich details are incorporated into the sculpt-so you can see the zipper to her suit. Cleavage is nice but understated.

Hair is always an important part of the statue’s presentation. And here you get it looking blown-around by the wind consistent with her “caught” on the rooftop look.

Details on her cuffs is good.



Rear look is good.

Her outfit is tight fitting but thigh and ass are more consistent with a younger woman and as such, there’s not much of a round ass to look out..

The base has a cool Spiderman-themed design.

It has a building/rooftop sort of theme with a faux building that attatches via a node connected to the Black Cat’s foot.

This statue attempts to address some of the concerns I’ve expressed in the other Bishoujo statues about supporting the entire figure on one foot. There’s a secondary support that fits into the stand to hold up the other leg.

Overview.. Black Cat is, at the moment, the latest in the Kotobukiyabukiya’s Bishoujo line and is an excellent example of the many excellent traits seen in these statues. Black Cat has an innovative sculpt with a dynamic pose, great colors-paint job, and is equally great to look at on your shelf of Spiderman paraphenalia, girl figures, or super-hero statues. However, like Ms. Marvel and some of the other Kotobukiyabukiya statues-there is a tradeoff between the dynamic pose and the support for the figure. For the moment, the Black Cat rests solidly on both the secondary stand and the support node on the base but a fall or other breakage could easily damage the support on the base. Or its possible that long term strain on the leg might cause some warping, etc. I don’t know that it’s a potential, long-term shortcoming to be aware of on an otherwise excellent statue.

Posted 10 February, 2011 - 16:38 by starro