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Atlas :: Raan

Atlas :: Raan
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$ 10.99
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Review by JoshB

NEO Shifters are a new toy line from MEGA Bloks and are obviously designed to be competitors to LEGO’s Bionicle toys.

Each Neo Shifter comes unassembled in a fantastic package. If its one thing MEGA Bloks knows how to do, it’s design really dynamic packaging. There is a small lenticular print area on the front, a working light up feature, and plastic edged corners.

: Raan

The parts come in sealed plastic baggies, and of course come with a full set of instructions. The instructions are easy to follow and once built, the Neo Shifter is a solid poseable toy.

: Raan

In Robot mode, Atlas :: Raan is an imposing figure. His face design is reminiscent of the designs from the recent Transformers movie. Behind the mask is a large glass ball that lights up when the button on the back of the head is pressed. I’ll be honest – I like the look of the head without the mask better.

: Raan

The limbs are fully articulated with really solid joints. Once assembled, parts feel like they are going to stay on and will withstand play. Claws open and close and each figure has an arm mounted missile launcher that shoots a good distance.

: Raan

Housed in the chest is a circular ball that can be launched by pulling back the lever on the back and letting it go. This ball can also transform into a robot.

: Raan

: Raan

Like the smaller robot, the larger robot can also turn into a ball. You can fold all the limbs in and then snap shut the large discs on the back.  To release the figure from ball mode, you just press on a panel in the middle and the sides pop open automatically.

: Raan

I like that these toys are cheap, sturdy, fun and well designed. They hold a great pose, and I love the little details, like the transparent tubing on the arms and legs. The transforming gimmick is cool, but not very precise.

I don’t like that all four NEO Shifters released at this point are essentially the same figure. Aside from color variations and some mask changes, they are all the same. Best you pick the color you like and stop there (unless you are a completist or something).

You can read more about Neoshifters, including all about the on-line game at

NEO Shifters are creatures with the power to transform from sphere to robot as they battle for survival. Their masks protect the light-up Hydrax energy core, which projects a laser blast.

Controlled by the NEOzome figure that lives inside them, NEO Shifters compete for resources needed to produce the Hydrax energy that fuels their powers and abilities. But too much Hydrax changes them from a peaceful Paladin to a destructive Templar. Join the resistance and discover the codes that control NEO Shifters.

Atlas :: Raan features:

  • Transformability
  • Two-in-one toy with multiple playing possibilities
  • Light-up laser projection beam
  • Launchers
  • Automatic opening sphere
  • Cool colours
  • 50 fun and easy to assemble pieces

Perfect for active boys 6 years old and up

Posted 25 September, 2007 - 10:27 by JoshB