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Arcadia (Renewal Version)


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Tab and Harlock

Tab and Harlock... perfect together.

I too had the Outside Legend: Endless Odyssey version with the blade, as well as this version, and sold them both. The Endless Odyssey version with the blade I think is a little better, fit and paint wise. But they're so similar it's not that big of a difference (besides the nose-blade.)

Glad you got a deal on this AJ... In 2009 these things for some reason were going for insane money in Europe. I saw one at my local comic shop in Spain in the glass case for $500euro. At the time you could get three or four of them with that money in US$. When I went back a week later someone bought it, so when I got home to the US I put my green Arcadia up for sale but in Spanish language, the auction ended in three hours and cleared $425.

Now they aren't nearly worth as much by any stretch, getting blown out on eBay and HLJ for $100 or less. Which is great for Matsumoto fans, who are continually fleeced in the vintage and modern toy market.

Thanks for putting this up. I miss this guy :(

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Posted by The Big R on 17 August, 2011 - 18:09