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Henkei Gatsutai Big Fighter OA


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Brings a tear to my eye....

Sigh.....this bring back a lot of memories of being a young kid in the 1980's, not that I ever owned or ever seen this before but this is like the hundreds of imaginative robots toys in their cryptic box art that I remember seeing at the swap meets, flea markets and super markets.....these designs are fantastic to a young kid as myself at the time and the vehicles mode such as this were so far out and creative......

Sometimes I miss being a kid......

Awesome review!


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Posted by Showapop on 8 March, 2012 - 11:08
Asia just gets better toys...

Dawww... now I'm super-sad that I can't just walk down to the local pharmacy or dollar store and pick up some far-out bootlegs. I used to use those places like 'junk shops', picking up cheap off-brand 'bots so I could cannibalize them for useful parts or see if I couldn't tool them up to be a little more playable.

It's to my great dismay that in the USA at least, I hardly ever see this sort of thing any more. For that matter, I haven't the foggiest who made the odd little guys I've got - maybe I should post some pictures up and ask the collective knowledge here if anyone knows anything.

Oh, on a totally related and none-too important not, I'm pretty sure those kanji are not 'Gatsutai' but 'Gattai' (small 'tsu'), as in 'combination'. Might just be a difference of which romanization I'm used to, though.

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Posted by MaidenLili on 8 March, 2012 - 13:25
Thanks Josh for bring us

Thanks Josh for bring us down! LOL

If you ever decide to part with this bad boy, let me know!

変形合体ビツグフアイタ should be 変形合体ビッグファイタ


がつたい Gatsutai should be がったい or Gattai

just so you know Josh, the small kana make the kana behind it a longer sound,



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Posted by Showapop on 8 March, 2012 - 14:31
oh my god that box art

I love this toy. I love its box art. I love how it barely looks like anything in any of its transformed modes. I love its big grabbler claws. I love everything about it.

Lili, review all of your bootlegs! All of them!!

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Posted by recognizer on 8 March, 2012 - 16:50
I love the head. Chromed and

I love the head. Chromed and a combination of Gundam and Optimus Prime.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 8 March, 2012 - 18:44

NICE. This guy is great. The box is awesome too.

That head is next level awesome. I wonder where it originally came from.

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Posted by The Big R on 9 March, 2012 - 05:42

I laughed long loud and hard when I saw "sit down" mode, picturing him scooting around on his robot heinie with his sweet little scooter-box thing, making dopey engine-revving noises! That robot mode is hideous standing up though. IMO, this thing's parts are greater than their sum; those vehicles are wicked!

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Posted by warrhead on 9 March, 2012 - 06:25
I am once again jealous of

I am once again jealous of the awesome bootlegs you people find! This one in particular is awesome, though. I usually am not big on the transformations, but this one turns into a lot of cool stuff! I especially love his claw arms.

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Posted by Alexx on 9 March, 2012 - 09:58

This is like some sort of reject Srungle.

Also I think it's amazing that in robot mode the missile launchers either fire straight down or into the backs of his arms.

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 9 March, 2012 - 15:45
You guys been busy.......

..... wheres your bi-weekly video?

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Posted by blade-edge on 12 March, 2012 - 00:40