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I agree, the SS Starscream

I agree, the SS Starscream mold is a suitably nice one.  The paint applications are spot-on, the articulation is great (including in his two-joint knees), and the molds are top-notch for a Bayformer despite being a scaled-up version of the original 2013 figure.  It seamlessly fits in right next to all the dedicated Studio Series figures.

Only problems I have with it is getting the wings to telescope up/down on those waist pistons while in vehicle mode, and unpegging the back horizontal stabilizers from the rest of the jet's back end.  And, yeah, the undercariage kibble doesn't help much, considering the larger SS Leader-class Blackout managed to not show ANY kibble from the sides or top in helicopter mode.

I wish the buzz saw had been included, but it's nice they took the time energy and effort to add a new mold of his hand-held missile launcher.  (Ironically, the 2013 Leader-class figure- which I reviewed for CDX, btw-also did the hand-held missile launcher, but it barely looked anything like it did in the movies!)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 16 February, 2019 - 23:52