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3rd Party Alternative

Josh, the box still says Takara Tomy?

If you're not quite happy with lilacwave, perhaps offering from 3rd parties would suit your preference more? Both Fanstoys's Quakewave and Cloud 9's Quakeblast sport dark purple coloring which may match the old G1 toy better. Additionally, they're both excellent representation of the character, and if you're lucky, you can get Quakeblast for USD 80 shipped!

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Posted by nikodiablo on 30 May, 2016 - 23:17
Yeah, but the instructions,

Yeah, but the instructions, sticker sheet, bio card and they toy itself all say TOMY, so who knows?

I've been trying to avoid going down the third-party hole, which is ironic considering my love of bootlegs.

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Posted by JoshB on 31 May, 2016 - 07:01
Not sure...

I've loved a lot of the recent Masterpiece releases, but this one bugs me. It feels unambitious to make a modernized version of a toy sci-fi gun with a really simple design. Compared to the Masterpiece design for Megatron (which seems fair) the amount of re-thinking here seems minimal.

That might come down to the tension between maintaining the look of the toy/animation and making an impressive modern item. Funnily enough, the fact that the animators were so much more faithful to this design than they were to, say, Ironhide, means that we don't get to see the same amount of improvement in the toy.

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Posted by Inverarity on 31 May, 2016 - 08:32
Unfortunately, I think Takara

Unfortunately, I think Takara has decided to start making all of their MP figures more cartoon accurate. That's the direction the line seems to be taking which is disappointing to me as well because my Transformer nostalgia is completely toy based. I don't care two bits about the cartoon. I'm hoping Hasbro will step up and release a toy accurate deco like they did with Soundwave, but 1) If it does get a release it will almost certainly be a TRU-Exclusive, so good luck getting one. 2) It's a life-sized toy gun and we all know how Hasbro feels about those, at least in regards to Transformers (see: the Hasbro release of MP Megatron. Exactly.)

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Posted by Heavyarms on 31 May, 2016 - 16:20
Completely agree.

Completely agree.

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Posted by TattooedRobot on 1 June, 2016 - 21:44
A remarkably cartoon accurate

A remarkably cartoon accurate design, with a transformation and design ethos that ingeniously homages the G1 toy - brilliant! love the color too.

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Posted by north-exit on 15 June, 2016 - 07:30