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Wing Gundam Zero Honoo Feather Blade


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Hobby Japan Vs Third Party

Great review, glad to see you picking up some of the bonus expansions for a model. the Honoo looks great with it.

I wanted Hobby Japan's Caletvwlch for the HG Red Frame, but I didn't have the Red Frame nor did I like how it was only a single white plastic runner. I have found that there are third party groups that make full color injection upgrades to existing models. Since I have the Master Grade Red Frame, I bought the "BTF Weapon Unit Equipment Type for Astray Red Frame" and it's pretty impressive. funny thing is it was cheaper too and I got two "Weapon Units" to make a semi-Red Dragon.

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Posted by Rob on 8 December, 2015 - 12:05
Thanks Rob! This was my first

Thanks Rob! This was my first bonus kit and I'm glad it turned to be feasible for my skills. I considered getting the add-on parts for the Freedom but I didn't like the end result of that modification and couldn't think of a good way to paint it in the original Freedom's colors.

I have zero experience with 3rd party add-ons but I'm always fascinated by them. Is there a good online resource for researching them?

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Posted by ArshadAA on 8 December, 2015 - 13:37
Not many pages

Cool. I know about the set for the Freedom's 'BF Honoo' style custom, but yeah, it's a full chore to recolor the whole model and paint the add-on kit to match. I say it'd be easier to paint the weapon to match the Freedom's original colors.

I've slowly been adding 'upgrade' parts to my technique but the "WEAPON UNIT" (because it'd be a big breach of copyright to say Caletvwlch) is my first third party addition. I first found about it on Ebay. There aren't many mainstream places or rather the ones I've surfed, that talk about these kits, but they're out there. I saw some group also made the "Powered Arm" set for the Astrays, but they require you cannibalize the existing Gundam for missing parts.

The makers of the Weapon Unit, BTF (Butterfly) makes a number of upgrade sets that look impressive from the saber unit for the MG 00 Qan T and they even have their own version of a Double Fin Funnel for Nu Gundam Ver Ka. What I find most impressive is they're not that expensive compared the models they're paired with.

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Posted by Rob on 8 December, 2015 - 16:58