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VF-19 Advance


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I was waiting for this one! I

I was waiting for this one! I kept holding off on Macross F valkyiries, wanting just a single 'perfect' valkyrie design and was starting to panic when I skipped the 30 and Isamu 29. I'm so glad this one came out though, I think the 19 is still the best design, however outdated it may be now. I'm too lazy and slightly scared to transform mine, but the advance parts were such a pain. I feel like the boosters are going to un-align any time i touch the wings and it just doesn't seem like they feel very secure. The parts that go behind the legs were also super annoying and kept falling off before I get all the parts back into place. It's still gorgeous looking though, and I'm glad this is the one valkyrie I got from Macross F regardless of it's short screen time.

By the way, I'm really confused by the numbering designation on this one. It's called the VF-19 Advanced, but I keep saying it mentioned as the Caliburn/19EF in some places. Does this make it a different model than the normal 19?

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Posted by siningy on 20 July, 2015 - 15:38
The VF-19E/F Caliburn is a

The VF-19E/F Caliburn is a customized model kit from a hobby magazine. I believe it was done by the same people who did all the racing Valkyries for the Macross the Ride serialized novel. Before Isamu's Frontier Valkyrie got a proper name, people were just throwing stuff around.


here's a magazine scan

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Posted by VF5SS on 20 July, 2015 - 16:07
VF-19 Advance Vs. YF-19

Sadly, I skipped out on Arcadia's YF-19 due to some issues I had read about. I figured this VF-19 would be a suitable stand-in, so I took to comparing each release to Macross Plus's art to determine which was more accurate.

Aside from the landing gear, lack of red arrows on the head, and the swapping of red and black on the ventral fins, there are some other differences. Whereas the front portion of the cockpit on the YF-19 opens forward, the whole cockpit hatch opens backwards on the VF-19. The forehead camera on the VF-19 appears to be red while on the YF-19, if I'm not mistaken, it is still green. The VF-19 also lacks the third silver eye between the two main eyes. There are also some other differences I won't bother mentioning.

Of course Arcadia's YF-19 is more accurate to what's seen in Macross Plus, but the VF-19 Advance isn't the YF-19, it's a similar craft from a different Macross, so it's not going to match the YF-19 exactly.

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Posted by Xenogyn on 27 July, 2015 - 21:03