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God Sigma


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Light, small, plastic and expensive

Very light, very small for an SRC, very little metal for an SRC and very expensive. This would be a great figure if it was limited to two of those circumstances. With all of them it is at best "good". It's a nice figure, just not at MSRP. The detail is great, but the fact that Gid Sigma stands a full head shorter than Daizyujin and company on your shelf is disconcerting and disapointing. SRC has released some showstoppingly good mechs. This is not one of them. It's not a bad robot figure. It's just not a great one.

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Posted by faelon on 21 July, 2015 - 11:38
Pretty much. I don't get why

Pretty much. I don't get why this is a full 1000 yen higher price point other than the change in inflation.

I'm debating if I should get SRC Gunbuster (love the OVA ) and Mazinkaiser (the chogokin Z version). I hope this isn't the beginning of the end for the line because they teased some great stuff like God Mars and Ryuseioh (Red Dragon Zord).

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Posted by VZMK2 on 21 July, 2015 - 13:06
Completely disagree I heard

Completely disagree I heard all this before and it made me hold off on the figure. Now I own 2. It is exactly the same size as every one of the original SRC which was the original small chogokin concept. Recently SRC figures have been getting bigger but he is no smaller than the recent Getter and the same size as the Mazingers, people are getting selective size memory. I was much more disappointed by the SKL mazinger it's too big and the overall design is nowhere near as enjoyable to pose as God Sigma. There already is a huge SOC God Sigma that's not the point of this it's small and super poseable and awesome.

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Posted by TattooedRobot on 25 July, 2015 - 09:29
My point of reference for

My point of reference for size and scale is the 5 Super Sentai combiners that SRC has put out. God Sigma seems most akin to them in terms of overall gravitas and design stylings. Between those, Gurren Laggen and Aquarian, similarly framed mecha. he is in a word small. Undersized. He is even a full head+ shorter than Kantam Robo. Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions and establish their likes, dislikes and their determination of value.

Me, given the generation of Mecha I would categorize this guy in with The Super Sentai and other Combiners like Aquarian and Gurren Laggen. Given the shear size and status normally held by this Robot, I would expect him looking impressive beside those others.

What we got was a smaller scaled robot that doe not loom impressively above the classic combiners. he may blend better with the 70's era mechs. But that still seems off.

In spite of the size he is a solid well made figure. If you can get him in the $35-$40 USD price range he is extremely good value. However at MSRP of twice that...

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Posted by faelon on 26 July, 2015 - 01:19
I see your point however I

I see your point however I believe God Mars is on the way and we can only hope more of the SOC combiners. I hope they all sit will together and it's a theme moving forward. I like the Super Sentai bots but it's no major concern if he scales with them to me. I love this guy and I think people might get turned away on the "small" low diecast comments which are over-shadowing a solid well executed release with a stellar paint job, superb articulation and really smart joint hiding. I do prefer SRC getting smaller again now in retrospect I think the recent larger releases started heading toward SOC figures in terms of size and it starts to getting the lines a little confusing .

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Posted by TattooedRobot on 26 July, 2015 - 11:54
I saw this week SRC God Sigma

I saw this week SRC God Sigma being marked down to around the 3800yen on I think it's safe to say the SRC line is on its death bed with the exception of Mazinger recolors.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 15 August, 2015 - 08:32