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GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 ver.


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Awesome design, mediocre Miku

Great article and video. You covered every detail I can think of, and found some I didn't (I hadn't realized she had a visible seat in car mode, for example). Great posing, too.

I like the comparison with Alternators Rodimus; it really shows how un-Transformers-ish her design and mechanism is (although, did you find it weird that her instructions looked almost exactly like Transformers instructions from around 2012?). I like to put mine next to Alternators Windcharger (Overdrive) and Human Alliance Jazz, because their vehicle modes are so similar to the Miku BMW in size and shape (although HA usually scales to ~1:27). I used to marvel at how HA Jazz could unfold such a large robot from such a tiny car, but he has nothing on this.

My main gripe - apart from the delicate paint and weak balljoints that you mentioned - is that I feel Kawamori's design makes an awesome transforming robot but a mediocre Miku at best. The only things about it that says "Miku" to me (apart from the graphics, of course) are the awkward, parts-forming twin-tails and the slender, mile-long legs. Maybe the helmet is influencing me more than it should, but the robot reminds me more of EX-Gear from Frontier. And a female friend immediately noticed the huge car-bosom, complete with headlights; that is a very un-Miku part of the silhouette! (As a Transformer fan, I'm used to seeing jutting car hoods on "male" robots and didn't make that association right away.)

Anyhow, I prefer to think of GearTribe Miku as a (possibly un-gendered) transforming car companion for Miku, rather than a representation of the idol herself. It's a weird, sometimes flawed product from a company that makes beautiful figures but clearly hasn't done transforming mecha before, but that's exactly what I expected it to be, and it didn't come out nearly as badly as I feared it might. Since you are a master of all toys Kawamori, I really appreciated getting your take on it. Thank you!

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Posted by Corduroy Bear on 9 February, 2016 - 11:23