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Gundam Exia Repair II


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Not Cutting it

The way they didn't paint this figure really doesn't cut it. It loses so much of what made the R-II unique for itself.

Though, I always felt the scene was fitting with the somber music compared to a loud roaring theme. I hated the compilation movie using the second season's opening theme during that moment.

I'll give the movie version credit for reciting the girl's letter in the aftermath, giving it a full circle take on the ending of the first season.

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Posted by Rob on 17 August, 2015 - 12:56
You know you're probably

You know you're probably right about the paint. Since I personally try to remember as little about 00 season 2 as possible, I probably never bothered to learn about the distinct differences between the two.

I never saw the compilation versions of the show, I just remember being really annoyed at the fact that the letters Ismail was sending weren't even actually being sent to Setsuna. They literally held no meaning aside from random peace-toting obnoxious hogwash to relate back to an earlier scene.

As you can see, I have very strong feelings against 00.

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Posted by Dkun on 17 August, 2015 - 18:21