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You're not the only one

You're not the only one that's been down the past road you speak of. I think you made a great connection to this toy because of the backstory - much appreciated that you shared it with us.

This is a great review. Pure toy toy toy - as much as it tries to be a collector piece, they really can't get away from the amount of fun the magnets have automatically engineered into this particular toy.

I'm not fond of it in general and I gripe about the same issues you have presented here (open panels, the scrotum magnet) and I nearly fell out of the chair when you showed me all the hands last night. It's really beyond comprehension. I mean, maybe 12-24 hands total (2-4 different pairs per gladiator) would have been better.

The winner here for me is the abega ships. Seeing the pheyden holding the combined fighter in its hand makes me think of me the first time I got the godaikin super abega remold, I was literally running around the house making it fly. Although not super detailed because of their diminutive size, they are pure win and I am glad something so simple was not overlooked.

Also, beyond the standard three swords, it's great to see the varied weapons/accessories for the individual gladiators. Makes you able to better visualize the level that SOC or another top maker could take this to if a diecast one ever comes to fruition.

As for now, if you are an albegas nut, this will probably be the only thing for quite a while, other than some of the awesome vintage items Josh has been one enough to showcase for us here.

Mr. Ginrai's picture
Posted by Mr. Ginrai on 24 August, 2014 - 00:40
I can see your point

I can see why you like this character so much and the toy looks fantastic .Me personally can't bring myself to like those combined modes, the official ones anyway the dragon you came up with pretty cool.

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Posted by armorhide on 23 August, 2014 - 05:15
Fun Dimension

The "Fun Dimension" mode is also known as "MECHA SHIVA! MECHA SHIVA!"

By the way, where did you get that tiny combining Albegas? That's adorable and I kind of want one.

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Posted by atom smasher on 23 August, 2014 - 09:25
You always nail it! That's

You always nail it! That's why this site is special! During my childhood, just knowing that this was an "other", stranger Voltron was enough for me to lust after this toy. There can be freedom in being an underdog.(Pack mentality is boring and ecclectic is awesome!) The slightly stranger toy designs may be more challenging because they deviate from a type of unspoken, mainstream aesthetic, also taking into account the lack of a cartoon in the US to familiarize and market them to the populous. The stranger, more obscure designs can require a little more out of the audience in terms of seeking out and understanding them - They can be an acquired taste. Personally, I think it adds to the hobby.

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Posted by MaakuZ on 23 August, 2014 - 13:43
I loved "Voltron 2" also when

I loved "Voltron 2" also when I was a kid but honestly, I loved all 3! As great as this toy seems to be, I just can't un-see that crotch ball magnet. It looks like it's giving birth. And those hands! Yikes.

ps- I see you opened that gumball machine one. :)

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Posted by NekroDave on 24 August, 2014 - 00:26
ohthe balls! ..or ball.

oh man! the big ball bombed it! i can't shrug off the thought that it looks like a big shiny piece of t3sticl3 dangling. sorry, just being frank. I love everything else except for that ball.

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Posted by Cyclone Blue on 25 August, 2014 - 09:31

This was a great read. Underdog power!

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Posted by Fartwarp on 25 August, 2014 - 19:55
Voltron 2 Memories

As always, great review Josh!

This stirs mixed feelings for me. When I was a kid (maybe 8 or 9) I asked for a Voltron for my birthday, somehow someone in my family managed to find the black robot from the original 80's release. Words could not describe my disappointment when I opened that gift!

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Posted by Juise on 28 August, 2014 - 23:37