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Gurren Lagann


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I never really warmed up with

I never really warmed up with the aesthetics of the character. Just found it too…weird :P

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Posted by ivanko on 17 July, 2013 - 01:26
You know, I think the design

You know, I think the design changes here are probably intentional and meant to reflect the sort of dynamic animation used in the show. There's a lot of scenes in the actual anime where the mech looked exactly like this, with the exaggerated proportions and all. My money is, with as many toys exist for this character now they just wanted to go with something a little different.

So I'd say the problem is almost the opposite. It's too anime accurate (to a few scenes) at the expense of being true to the line art itself. I have a feeling that it'll be lineart purists that this puts off, and that more casual fans of the anime itself will probably eat it (and it's lower pricepoint) up. Good to have more options, at any rate.

Great review, as always!

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Posted by Ace of the Rebellion on 17 July, 2013 - 22:56
I was about to say the same

I was about to say the same thing myself. The Gurren Lagann anime has an amorphous style to much of it, very much like Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos or the OVA Birth (which the people who worked on GL were a fan of the animator for that).

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Posted by VZMK2 on 18 July, 2013 - 07:48
Yeah, one of the things that

Yeah, one of the things that jumped out at me when I first saw the lineart for Gurren Lagann is how it looked nothing like how I remembered it. You also see that in Gundam Seed, where the mobile suits are almost never as bulky as their lineart depicts. While I will agree with people that this figure looks off when it's just standing their, when it's in a crazy wild action pose it looks great and like it just stepped out of the anime. The only problem is that the Drill set is basically a required purchase to go along with this, bringing the true cost up significantly.

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Posted by evaunit01 on 21 July, 2013 - 02:33
Nice review! I have this toy

Nice review! I have this toy and really enjoy it. Even moreso now that I have the super long drills that came with the Anti-Gurren Lagann. Plus, I gotta say I dig the stylization on it. I know many don't, but it just looks fantastic when you get it posed right.

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Posted by TerminusTypeR on 18 July, 2013 - 08:29
Just got into the show, and I

Just got into the show, and I am trying to decide which figure version to get, thanks for the helpful info! Not for me as I prefer screen accurate when possible.

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Posted by Gazbot on 6 November, 2013 - 02:11
This guy is a more stylized

This guy is a more stylized version of Gurren Lagann. So for some that may be harder to get used to. If you don't have one of the earlier versions it is less of an issue. It does match up with the anime of the robot in motion more so than it does of any static line drawings or pictures. This thing really is all about the motion. And holy crp! Does it deliver. I simply cannot believe how this thing moves. How smooth. How tight. How far everything goes. It's an incredible feat of engineering. One of the best of the SRC's for articulation. This is a figure that demands a solid stand so he can be displayed in some really dynamic poses.

Oh be warned. The drills! They are sharp! Really really sharp! dangerously so! Removing the flight pack will draw blood. putting the flight pack on will draw blood. if you should buy the add on "Drill Set of Manliness"? Well just offer up the blood to the figure as a sacrifice. If you have ever handled the Bandai SH Monsterarts Gigan? This thing is worse! It's not a question of if it will cut you. It's simply how badly.

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Posted by faelon on 27 June, 2016 - 00:00