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Colossus Titan & Attack Playset


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I definitely see where you're

I definitely see where you're coming from. These are neat little toys and the amount of interchangeability between their more regular releases is actually fairly impressive, but I think it's a toyline I would say I admire from a distance. My sister collects a few of the series released under the Nendroud banner and having handled a variety of them I'd say they're quite a bit of fun, but you've really gotta be into the aesthetic and it's gotta represent series you care about, I think.

It's a line where I'm happy to know people who collect them so that I can occasionally look at them and mess with them but don't see myself clearing any shelf-space for them any time soon, and that seems like it's about where you stand on them, right?

Good review though, as always!

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Posted by Ace of the Rebellion on 4 February, 2014 - 05:31
Okay, I'm kind of glad I

Okay, I'm kind of glad I passed on this....

It's just too damn small for a playset! But great pics and capturing of the details and features, Josh!

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Posted by Harvey on 4 February, 2014 - 15:19
As a budding Nendoroid

As a budding Nendoroid collector I find they are still in a somewhat awkward stage between display pieces and action figures. Sometimes their accessories neatly attach to the figure or the display base and sometimes you just have to place things in precarious positions. Granted their primary buyers seem to be shutterbug bloggers who don't pose them too heavily((`・ω・´;))

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Posted by VF5SS on 4 February, 2014 - 16:44
Since we all agree that the

Since we all agree that the Abnormal Titan looks like Andy Richter, can we also agree that The Titan That Ate Eren's Mother looks like Gary Busey?

BTW, the puff of steam effect is a rather minimal example of the steam that rises off Colossal-san's exposed flesh. It's clearer in the anime that that's what's happening, I think - in the manga it just kinda looks like the Titan is walking out of a cloud.

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Posted by recognizer on 5 February, 2014 - 11:05