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Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace
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¥ 3,300
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Review by Dkun


Portgas D. Ace comes from the series One Piece, and is the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy. I don't know much about this character as I don't read One Piece, but I have to admit he looks pretty darn cool.



For someone with no shirt, Portgas is quite well detailed. He has all the bits he needs, including the tattoo on his back, along with his signature tattoo on his left arm spelling out Ace (With some slight spelling errors).


The articulation on Portgas is the same as Luffy, with double jointed knees, feet, legs, and much more. However, Portgas has a much stockier body type and thick boots that really help give him support and makes poses much easier compared to Luffy.Portgas comes with an incredible number of accessories. With four pairs of alternate hands, two faces, a hat, a different hair piece and a plethora of effect parts, Portgas is easily one of the most loaded Figuarts out of box that I've ever seen. As if that wasn't enough, he even came with a special Tamashii stand as well.



The flame effect parts are incredibly nice. He features two firebursts that fit onto his pointing hands to make it look like Ace is shooting flames.


The other parts are mostly for aesthetic purposes, but look incredibly awesome on him. The leg flames simply fit over the leg, and the arm flame fits right in after the hand is removed.


Despite all of these great things to say about Portgas, mine suffered a very bad accident while taking photos. Now, I had previously mentioned that the balljoints on the Luffy Figuart seemed awfully fragile. Unfortunately, this ended up plaguing my Portgas. As I was switching to the hand with a flame effect part, the ball joint crumbled into the socket, leaving Ace with a bit of a... stump.


Now, up until this instance I had not had any problems with Figuarts hands. I think this was because the hand with the fingertips flaming are clear red plastic painted over to match the skin tone. The tolerance difference between the clear and opaque plastic ended up causing the plastic to twist and snap while applying pressure. So if you do get this figure, take care while using these hands, or just don't use them at all.


I was pleasantly surprised by the S.H. Figuarts Luffy, so I had high hopes for the Portgas D. Ace Figuart. Objectively he's much more better than Luffy, with more accessories, and some really cool effect parts. Just be sure to take care with the clear hands, or just don't use them at all. Aside from a personal mishap, this is an excellent Figuart and great for any One Piece fan, or anyone who wants a shirtless guy covered in flames.


Posted 13 March, 2012 - 11:48 by Dkun