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Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver.


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I was also left wanting more

I was also left wanting more with this. It is a very nice paperweight. I snapped one of the pegs for the panels where the landing gear goes on. Mine apparently had bad paint apps because there are several places where a factory worker took a brush and painted the panels. So there are brush marks all over mine... unacceptable for a 100 piece.

That being said, great review

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Posted by chachipower on 9 December, 2012 - 00:14
Fewture Diecasts typically do

Fewture Diecasts typically do have touch-ups here and there, but this one does not. Perhaps I got lucky. And I was aware that it lacked gimmicks when I put in the order for it, but that was because I still love the ship and its design. The information was more for those considering the purchase.

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Posted by JoshB on 9 December, 2012 - 17:54
Awesome pictures!

Really great pics. I think your last statement about the unifive is right on. It had the ambition just wish the hatches would stay shut but to me that is the ultimate godphoenix so far. This is the one I keep on my shelf by my desk. I can grab it, fly it around and not be too worried about it falling apart and it looks really nice. -Ted

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Posted by Novacaine31 on 10 December, 2012 - 12:21