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Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Ver.


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Looks like an average Hot

Looks like an average Hot Wheels release, not particularly bad but certainly not $100 either....

probably made in the same factory as well....


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Posted by Showapop on 6 December, 2012 - 16:31
Yeah... I got one of these

Yeah... I got one of these too and there's just not that much (if any) bang for the considerable buck you're paying. A TON of missed opportunities, but hey, I knew this going in based on the few reviews of the 3 Piece Set... basically a good looking diecast rendition of the vehicles with little to no play functionality. If Fewture releases individual re-paints of G-2, G-3 and G-4 I'd probably bite also since there's not much else of a choice out there for Gatch gokins... unless you hedge your bet that Bandai will get around to doing these down the road.

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Posted by Harvey on 6 December, 2012 - 18:01
And I got one as well.

I'm with Harvey, I would also get the other vehicles if they decided to release them again.

It's a really good objective review, Josh. The landing gear and non folding wings are pretty lame. But I've always wanted a die-cast version of the gatchaman vehicles. It does look pretty awesome next to my other Gatchaman toys.

BTW, I just noticed that one of the plugs that hides the screws on my exghokin god phoenix fell out. I just glued it back in but beware. It'd suck to lose a piece like that.

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Posted by Novacaine31 on 7 December, 2012 - 00:12
Strange omissions...

I have the two sets, and was actually quit pleased with Jinpei's(Keyop's) G-4 buggy. Rubber treads, moving wheels, opening mouth... It was as if Fewture worked hard on the ground vehicles then rushed the hero vehicles into production.
I love them, but sheesh... They really missed the boat on the G-5 and the G-1!

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Posted by RainBot on 7 December, 2012 - 12:56