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Big Volfogg


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nice review

that was a good aesthetic choice to use a gray background and bring out the white armor of volfogg.

i am a big, big fan of the show (right up there with screaming super robot classics like gurren laggan, gunbuster and getter robo: armageddon), but i have a hard time getting into figures that are clearly designed to transform, but do not transform. "oh look, there's an errant wheel." "hmm. it's hard to brush my teeth with this helicopter blade sticking out of my arm." and in the case of volfogg, it's not a terribly complicated transformation.

i remain surprised how many people want inert versions of modern toys that were designed from the beginning to transform...especially when they were already produced in such versions.

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Posted by getter_tomahawk on 11 June, 2012 - 00:15
In my case most of the modern

In my case most of the modern transforming mechas have alt modes that don't interest me at all. For example SRC GaoGaiGar, I love the main mecha design, but don't feel like I need the Gao Machines which on their own don't impress me enough to warrant going for the CM's version, especially when its less anime accurate. Nowadays the only transforming toys I want are from Macross.

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Posted by Wallas on 11 June, 2012 - 02:33
As a fan of transforming

As a fan of transforming robot toys I can wholeheartedly concur with your statement, but we need to accept the reality that unless your transforming robot was designed by Kawamori, an articulated transforming figure of it will be either stupid expensive, very flawed or both. The Masterpiece Brave line was a noble effort but it still had to sacrifice leg articulation for transformation accuracy and the line up and died after two releases only. So you can either grab a nicely done non transforming version of your favorite Brave robot or wait for CM to release a Brave Gokin with hit or miss quality. I wasn't terribly excited for the SRC GaoGaiGar but my dismissal turned to pure love when I actually held the figure in my hand. This line is just that good.

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Posted by ArshadAA on 11 June, 2012 - 16:16

according to Wikipedia Volfogg, HyoRyu and EnRyu are getting releases.
If that is true that means that FuRyu and FaiRyu will probably Tamashii web exclusives.

I'm not really a fan of Big Volfogg he seems asymmetrical in a bad way.

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Posted by GrayFox on 12 June, 2012 - 00:02
Very nice review, especially

Very nice review, especially the well-executed photos.

I still hope for normal Volfogg, somehow I liked his standard form more.

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Posted by Wallas on 11 June, 2012 - 02:34
To me this guy is one of the

To me this guy is one of the weaker SRC's. And his smaller normal Volfog form SRC is a much better piece. Big Folfog just feels kind of light and plain. The helicopter blades are pretty much fixed position which makes the figure awkward. he is a Transformer that doesn't transform even though he feels like he should. But his articulation and details are kind of sub par for the SRC line. Not bad, just not as good as most other robots. Just a "meh" offering. Completely unexciting.

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Posted by faelon on 26 June, 2016 - 23:43