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Getter Arc


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A pretty cool figure

This is a very interesting robot design--I like the Ark take on "modernized Getter Robo" much better than what they did with Neo Getter (who looks like a stuntman from Gao Gai Gar.)

Ark looks especially cool with the HUGE arm blades that allow for some very dramatic "slashing" poses.

One thing I've noticed is that Ark's feet have a tendency to slowly deform if you put a stand peg into them. The foot-holes in my toy have become noticeably oval-shaped due to one pose I put him in, and that was only for a week or two!

There was a black repaint version released as a Hyper Hobby exclusive. Unlike previous "black repaint" versions, this one doesn't come with any different accessories; it's the same packing as the basic toy, just with everything in a different color. I was kind of hoping for the Metal Death Umbrella that Ark has, but no dice.

Again, I've got some comparison shots of the basic toy and the repaint version in my gallery.

Also, note that the toy box gives us yet another interpretation of the romanization--"Arc"

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Posted by RobotBastard on 7 September, 2011 - 13:28


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Posted by recognizer on 7 September, 2011 - 13:31
This was essentially the post

This was essentially the post I was going to make on the Black Getter news thread.

"Don't get me wrong, I love Prof. Robo's works, and think it an enormous loss that we weren't given the chance to watch his style further evolve, but teeth on a Getter is still a completely ridiculous addition."

And then you post this : )

Edit: Jeez, my grammar.

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 7 September, 2011 - 19:08
MAN those Getter robots are

MAN those Getter robots are always crazy lookin'! Every time someone reviews one on here it looks like it's even larger and spiker. Like the designers get together, make a new Getter design, and one or two of 'em look at it and go: "Eeeeehhh....give it a little more BATSHIT CRAZY and you're golden!"

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Posted by Alexx on 7 September, 2011 - 21:06