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Cure Sunshine

Cure Sunshine
Cure Sunshine
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¥ 5,700
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Review by VIR

A strong, dependable, and caring Cure, Cure Sunshine is the defense-centered and golden member of the HeartCatch Precure troupe. Perhaps the most centered and strongest Cure, Cure Sunshine fights to protect the ones she loves and bring them into a new and shining light of friendship.

With this, Megahouse gives us the Excellent Model Cure Sunshine statuette from the Toei Magical Girl show entitled HeartCatch: Precure! Megahouse—as always—has done a wonderful job bringing this character into new dimensions with astounding results.

Let’s review:

Sunshine’s box is open faced to show off herself and her fairy—Potpourri—inside. The box is wonderfully flowery and warm.

box front

The back continues this warmth with awesome shots of Sunshine and a whole bunch of words I can’t read.

box back

In the interest of time and space, I won’t be quoting a thesaurus on “beautiful” here, so let me say this: Cure Sunshine is beautiful.
I mean, downright gorgeous.
Cure Sunshine very well emulates her character model and also brings to the table a proper 3D representation of Umakoshi’s art style; she’s perfectly slight and wonderfully detailed.

cure sunshine front

cure sunshine side left

cure sunshine back

cure sunshine side right

The detail on Sunshine is intense. We have fabric emulation with her arm puffs, top, and skirt as they bunch up and move with her body sculpt. Her bows look as if they have actually been tied and they are also “responding” to gravity with their tassels. Little divots and creases are present in her bows as well as the petals of her flower themed skirt. She also has knuckles, fingernails, and creases on her palms.

detail 1

detail 5

cure sunshine detail 2

detail 6

Bevels and rises are included in her hair. These give a strong sense of depth and inclusion of her 2D animation model elements; it gives a stark contrast to the realism of a 3D sculpt and makes her feel more like her anime self solely presented in a new light. What was achieved with pen strokes is now a physical detail.

hair detail 3

detail 7

Nothing is flat on this statue. Bevels, layers, and thickness help promote the idea that Cure Sunshine is a wearing this magical outfit. Not everything is connected to her main sculpt, thus giving her clothes and accessories a free flowing nature about her. Her body is also curved and shaped to imitate muscle structures of her body: she has a spine indention, shoulder blades, a belly button, and biceps and triceps!

detail 8

detail 4

Her colors are warm and decadent. Nothing is truly or simply white on this statue; everything is a slight hinge towards yellow. This gives Sunshine a feeling of wholeness about her and makes her have a warm aura about herself. Some things are matte and others are shiny. Everything is expertly applied and a wonder to behold.

pose 1

An interesting thing about Sunshine’s hair is that, unlike any of the other statues’, hers has 70% opacity throughout, not going from 100% to near 30% from top to bottom. This allows her hair to catch sunlight and glow as a result.
A wonderful little design choice.


Normally, statues do not have articulation.
Cure Sunshine has a head swivel.
I don’t know why, but it’s there.


Cure Sunshine stands at 7.5 inches tall to the top of her head and 7 ¾ inches with her hair included.


Being made from PVC, Sunshine is somewhat flexible in her extremities. She also has a good solid heft about her.

Cure Sunshine comes with the following:
- Her Stand
- Potpourri
- Potpourri’s stand
- Two faces
- The Shiny Tambourine



Her stand resembles her Heart Seed and is a nice translucent orange.
Her faces are winking and placid. They are exchanged by removing her bangs and changing them out. Both faces are cute and can be used to portray each side of her personality, a nice small touch.

face 1

face 2

The Shiny Tambourine is Sunshine’s attack weapon. Its detail and paint are great front and back and it can be slid onto her left hand for her to hold.

shiny 1

shiny 2

It does not spin, but… c’mon.

detail shiny

Lastly, Sunshine’s companion Fairy Potpourri joins the fray. The same level of attention has been given to him as was to Sunshine; he’s clean, precise, and wonderful.

potpourri front

potpourri side right

Besides being utterly astounding and gorgeous… none.

cool pose 2

Closing remarks:
Cure Sunshine is a dichotomous and lovely character in the HeartCatch universe. This statue encapsulates that warmth and joy that her character produces with a wonderful sculpt and paint. This figure is simply amazing with no amount of detail left out; this was a labor of love, and it shows. If you’re a fan of HeartCatch, Cure Sunshine, or just outstanding statues, then this is for you.

Posted 9 March, 2013 - 14:34 by VIR