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Claw Battlezord

Claw Battlezord

Review by JoshB

Although not labeled as part of the Retrofire line, these figures cannot deny their heritage. These articulated Megazords are dynamically styled and provide an affordable alternative to the more expensive combining Megazords.

Each comes in a semi-circular package which took up too much space on the shelves. Bandai would later smarten up and release later toys carded.


Will these satisfy the cravings for the larger Megazords? Probably not, but they are fun little action figures.


I do like the dynamic styling of the otherwise awkward looking Claw Battlezord. This makes him look like a proper robot in his own right who can seriously kick some ass and not just some robot who's only purpose is to be an accessory for another robot.


Articulation is great when you don't have to be hindered by a transformation mechanism.


This toy is remarkably durable and will survive any adventure with any child. Props to Bandai for figuring out how to make these both sturdy and dynamic. Back in the day, their "cheap" Megazord toys used to be unarticulated bricks. We've come a long way.


The Claw Battlezord comes with two swords that can be held in either hand.


These "Retrofire" megazords are great fun and as a bonus they will fit in nicely with your Super Robot Chogokin figures.

Posted 20 November, 2014 - 20:07 by JoshB


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The head reminds me of Gaoh

The head reminds me of Gaoh from Den-o.

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Posted by YUMpoison on 16 December, 2014 - 07:42