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Type-81 / A-6J Wadatsumi


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Wow, I really love this

Wow, I really love this design. Too bad it's fixed pose. Funny how I don't care for the other Muv-Luv designs, but this one hits me.

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Posted by JoshB on 27 December, 2013 - 20:30
Well he is a big chunk of

Well he is a big chunk of luv.

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Posted by VF5SS on 27 December, 2013 - 21:16
This is still, I think, my

This is still, I think, my favorite design from Muv-Luv and seeing this for the first time marked the point at which I perked up my ears and thought, "Muv-Luv, eh?"
I'm still kind of crushed from learning that it was fixed pose. It's such a great design that can go toe to toe with the best amphibious mecha, it really deserves better. At least it's a piece that can make the other toys around it shine, and sometimes that's enough.

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 27 December, 2013 - 21:15