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Tamaki Kousaka (Samurai Ver.)

Tamaki Kousaka (Samurai Ver.)
Tamaki Kousaka (Samurai Ver.)
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¥ 6,800
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Review by starro

front close profile

Character Backgrond. From ADX’s friends at Kotobukiya is a newly released (Dec. 2010) PVC statue of Tamaki Kousaka! here to see the Kotobukiya Japan page!

The statue reviewed below is the "standard" black version. At the time of this review, a 2nd red version has just become available.

Tamaki is a character from the “To Heart 2” franchise and is featured in the video game “Final Dragon Chronicle-Guilty Requiem”, one of the games featured in Manaka de Ikuno!!Tamaki is apparently from the “mature rich girl with samurai training” mold..

Tamaki-Samurai version comes with a standard 4 color window box.


box close

A standard plastic blister.


Sword and scabbard come separately and go relatively easily into Tamaki’s hands.


First, we start with the overall presentation of the statue-which has that cute-but ready to fight look. Tamaki-samurai version is a statue. No posability and no cast off parts.

front all

Some closeups give us more appreciation of the detail that goes into the sculpt. Note that she actually has a tiara or something under the hair.

front close profile

front top close

The sculpt has many pleasant curves. Tamaki's face is nice and gives off a great playful look. Paint is good and lines are clean.

front right side

Breasts are nice.

front close 3

And we see the nipples as fine detail. Always a nice touch. Gives Tamaki a sense of tease.

front good

The bikini she’s wearing is not cast off but at least presents the illusion of layered clothing (rather than appearing embedded). But they are part of the sculpt as opposed to plastic clothes glued to the surface of the statue as you see in other statues.

The leg shields are not fixed-but they aren't exactly posable. They can be moved out of the way to show her torso. As far as I can tell, they don't unclasp or come off.The panties don’t come off but they do give the illusion of being an additional layer over her skin without seeming too artificial.

right front close

Laced up boots are nicely detailed.

leg stitches

Lots of good detail on the arm and leg shields.

right side 2

Presentation of the statue from the rear is good. For now, the plastic seems pretty solid, so hopefully Tamaki won't start tilting over to the side after a year or so..


Hair is well done. Its good work, but nothing that really stands out.

rear head side

Her ass is obscured by the hair..

rear ass

Hair and details, such as the hairpin are nicely detailed.

side head

Base is VERY securely attached.

base feet\

A glance under the base reveals the statue itself is attached to the base with a metal screw.

base bolt

Overview. This is a solid statue with good, clean lines and with excellent presence on your girl statue shelf. Its got what looks like a durable base and from what I can tell the whole thing is a solid piece of construction. So, what am I complaining about??

Well...Its kind of generic. The statue doesn’t really have any exceptionally tantalizing tease points and isn’t particularly original as far as weapons or pose. It’s a solid bit of work for your money though and for that I think its a more conservative purchase if you have the extra bucks for it.

Posted 17 March, 2011 - 08:48 by starro