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Nirvash Type Zero


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Eureka 7

Very cool Mecha. I never watched the entire series but appreciate the robot designs. What I did see of the show wasn't half bad...

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Posted by Lizardspock on 31 August, 2010 - 19:03
The figure looks good, but

The figure looks good, but its kind of bizarre that the spec2 had the transformation and for this one they left it out.

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Posted by Anavel on 31 August, 2010 - 19:36
Nice use of Latin, you hobo.

Nice photos, but you need a new upside-down marble ashtray. It loses its elegance when it doesn't really color-match the robot as much.

"Lef Board": Does it say that on the package? I wouldn't be surprised. There are SO MANY spellings of this... "ref", "riff"... I think "Lift" is probably the best translation, because, y'know, at least it means something.

"Nirvash is being a moody car." lollll

It is truly disappointing this figure doesn't do racecar mode. If the Robot Damashii Spec 2 didn't do car mode, just flight mode, it would be a different story... but this is really lame, particularly since not only the old Transmodel does it, but the new SD Infinity figure does too.

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Posted by recognizer on 31 August, 2010 - 21:19

The variable gimmick wasn't the designers' idea for this toy. It's like the writer said. The toy's objectivity for this Robot Spec Type line-up is making cool, Revoltech-like poses over complex transformation. It's articulation for the sake of simplicity & not many collectors are into robots that transform that are time-consuming to them, they just want a cool robot to play with & make action poses as it's evident with the marketing appeal for Revoltech & it's competitors.

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Posted by Diakron on 31 August, 2010 - 21:50
The point you are missing

The point you are missing, as Anavel already pointed out, is that this is clearly not just a universal aspect of the Robot Damashii line. The Nirvash Spec 2 transforms to both car and jet modes, but the original Nirvash, despite being a later release, does not transform into its car mode. This is not some kind of line-wide philosophy; it is an inconsistency among the Eureka 7 releases in the Robot Damashii line.

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Posted by recognizer on 1 September, 2010 - 20:45

I think I see what you're saying here. I'll get a better understanding when I read Anavel's review on this line which is right next door to Veef's.

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Posted by Diakron on 1 September, 2010 - 21:29
I, for one, don't miss the

I, for one, don't miss the transformation on the Nirvash Zero. The transformation on the SPEC2 was one of the things I hated the most (really, the only thing, since that transformation was the basis for all the downsides and issues I had with the figure as a whole) about it. It was a fiddly, partsformery, sloppy affair which involved a whole boxload of tiny bits and swappable pieces that didn't lock together in any sort of satisfying manner (not quite VF100 level annoyance, but pushing it).

I do recommend people pick up the SD Infinity Nirvash if people are looking for a nice little transformable Nirvash - it's a fantastic little robot that handles its transformation in all the ways the Robot Damashii Spec2 couldn't - elegantly and simply. It's even got some diecast in it!

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Posted by quinjester on 2 September, 2010 - 09:31
I just want to add an

I just want to add an unfortunate note about this figure. Do not leave the Lef Board attached for the Trapar Wave stand for too long or disconnecting the two will strip some paint from the board and leave an imprint from the stand on the board.

Thanks Bandai.

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Posted by VF5SS on 17 November, 2011 - 14:39