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Cup the balls - do not grasp

Cup the balls - do not grasp them. This is an important lesson to be learned from this toy.

This review has pretty much cemented the GFFN line as a winner in my mind. Now, as soon as I pick up a ReZEL or whatever MS I like that they put out next, I know I'll be happy.

It's not like I'm not already giving Bandai all of my money. ;w;

Mike's picture
Posted by Mike on 25 March, 2010 - 12:46
Mr. Veef, what sort of

Mr. Veef, what sort of lighting setup do you use to get those marvelous pictures? Is that just a cloth backdrop? Forgive me if you've answered such questions before.

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 25 March, 2010 - 13:06
Just a photo-tent and a pair

Just a photo-tent and a pair of 55 watt lamps.

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Posted by VF5SS on 25 March, 2010 - 13:12

Thanks for the information ... both of you.


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Posted by Rodimus78 on 26 March, 2010 - 00:41

will definitely get one.. this is pretty much the same with the zeta plus 0000 limited edition. details and accessories tells me that im gonna get my money's worth. great review \m/

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Posted by overclocked on 25 March, 2010 - 13:45

As a rule, I build my Mobile Suits, rather than getting more durable versions like I do with other robots.

Still, you just made me SORELY tempted to dip into a new toyline.

I applaud your skillful presentation and curse the potential damage to my income.

DAMN that's a handsome Mobile Suit... no! Must... wait... for Master Grade model...gah!

Felixman's picture
Posted by Felixman on 25 March, 2010 - 15:43
It would be a rather long wait...

It seems that is gonna take sometime for Bandai to release a Master Grade of the RGZ-95 ReZEL. They just launched the HGUC 1/144 Commander version.

mikespiegel's picture
Posted by mikespiegel on 25 March, 2010 - 16:25
Fear not.

Patience is a virtue, friend. I can wait.

There will be a puddle of drool anytime I stare at this review too long but, blast it all, I -MUST- wait!

Felixman's picture
Posted by Felixman on 25 March, 2010 - 16:42
If I remember correctly,

If I remember correctly, Bandai has actually promised 3 completely new Unicorn Master Grades for this year. I mean, with Bandai, it's more than likely what they consider "completely new" is just the HD Color Unicorn + Cage along with a few special finish versions, but whatever.

Hope is good, even if Bandai dashes your dreams for years, only to bring hope back decades after you thought all hope was lost.

Mike's picture
Posted by Mike on 25 March, 2010 - 17:27
MG 3

Here's hoping those three include the Jegan, the Geara Zulu, and the ReZEL. Though my senses tell me that one of them might be the Unicorn-Banshee and another attempt on the Sinanju. if they said 'three in 2010' and they counted the Unicorn (version OAV/HD color), then only two more to go. Change one set of head parts and the color scheme of the existing Unicorn and you have a 'brand new' model, and take the same refinement steps from the Version Ka -to- Version OAV with the Sinanju for the same results.

A Jegan is way overdue, and the ReZEL screams fan demand. Though I really don't think Bandai wants to strain itself with a 1/100 scale Kshatriya.

The Gundam Model Guy

Gunpla Rob's picture
Posted by Gunpla Rob on 26 March, 2010 - 07:14
OH BABY! I didn't know they

OH BABY! I didn't know they made a figure of the ReZEL! Man, I gotta get that sometime; it's awesome! I love it!

Alexx's picture
Posted by Alexx on 27 March, 2010 - 12:26