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Fate Testarossa

Fate Testarossa

Review by VZMK2

This figure has Kotobukiya’s usual high-quality traits. She’s got lovely detail Her hair has a nicely done gradient.

The figure has various display options. First, you can easily swap her long hair that’s flowing freely and has black ribbons with her hair done up as long pigtails with white ribbons.

Next you have her right hand that’s holding her transformation pendant, which can be swapped with a hand that can hold her long axe/bardiche called the “Axe of Light”. The weapon is beautifully detailed. It even has transparent yellow pieces on the side. Unfortunately, the hand fits in loosely on the arm and thus is prone to fall off easily if touched.

Her skirt can be easily removed to see her underwear as well. Overall, barring the fact that her axe hand falls off more easily than I want it to, this is an excellent figure.

The end!

Posted 12 February, 2011 - 15:20 by VZMK2