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Samurai Gattai Series EX - Kyoryu Origami


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Are you.............

.......... getting the japenese version of the bull zord (mogyudu)?

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Posted by cuddokeed on 27 January, 2012 - 11:07
Dinosaur my a****

"…Wait- this is a dinosaur?"

I remember having a similar reaction when I first saw it. I'd read about it on TV Tropes, went to the linked clip expecting something saurian-looking (or perhaps a Godhorn homage). And instead what I saw... It to me looked more like a shark with legs! I didn't see a dinosaur when I looked at the "head", I saw a great white shark's head and dorsal fin! And the ornamentation on the legs (especially the pair that make the helmet) also looked like fins to me.

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Posted by ZeldaTheSwordsman on 3 March, 2017 - 00:33