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Saber (gift ver.)

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Review by JoshB

This is Saber. She's one of the main characters from the anime Fate Stay/Night.

I've never seen it.

But I really like the appearance of this character. She's got a great design that is attractive without being slutty. Demure, yet ferocious.

Saber (and other Anime Figures) are available from

Saber is in your typical 1/8 scale and comes with a mirror base. The sculpt is super-tight with a mixture of opaque and translucent materials.

Saber comes with two different heads the default one with a demure expression that really makes me melt. Its a sly kind of "I see what you did there" expression.

The other head has a sour look of dissatisfaction. As is she is contemplating chopping off your head with that sword.

The sword can be held in her right hand, either used as a brace or held as a weapon.

Saber comes with a plastic base coated with a mirror. The reflective base of course allows you to see up under her skirt. With a more revealing figure this would be a great feature, but with saber, its kind of useless.

Now, if she wasn't wearing bloomers...

Saber (and other Anime Figures) are available from

Posted 13 March, 2009 - 11:13 by JoshB