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Juliona Trans

Juliona Trans
Juliona Trans
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Review by starro

Juliona Trans is a character from Masamune Shirow’s “Wild Wet West” collection from his hardcore cheesecake portfolio Galgrease 001.

Juliona is a PVC statue in 1/6 scale, height is about 9 inches tall (if standing) made by Artstorm/Lilacs, sculpted by G.O.(Cerebus project). Comes in full 4-color box plus color card.


Juliona is a statue that comes shipped in 3 pieces, the statue, the base, and the big horseshoe-moneybag thing Juliona sits on. There is no posability. There are no cast-off pieces (but see below) but the hat is removable. There are no other adjustable pieces.

The sculpt on Juliona is REALLY amazing. I have reviewed previous Masamune Shirow figures and is really one of the better sculpted Shirow characters. There is wonderful detail on everything from the leather chaps to the fine seal on the phallic cigar in Juliona’s mouth.

The guns seem to be pretty solidly placed in Juliona’s hands and you can see the fine detail in the nails as she holds onto the handle on each one. The rear-view of the panties is also nice.

Colors and paint are on the dull-side but consistent with the character’s western look as seen in the original painting.


There is PARTIAL nudity with just the nipples and breasts clearly visible through her shirt.

I would warn that the chaps are loosely attached and at first appear to be cast-off but they aren’t. One of the chaps came off pretty easily and you can get a good look at the legs and not both. This isn’t intentional and although the single chap goes back in place, it doesn’t go back after being taken off.


Posted 14 February, 2009 - 10:14 by starro