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VF-1J Valkyrie with SUPER parts (Hikaru Ichijo TV type)


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Great review Atom!

Your review looks great! Makes me really want to sell my 1/48 scale Yamato valks and get the 1/60. Great video review too! Hopefully sometime in the future we will be able to get you an HD camera. Keep up the great work.

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Posted by Shogundan on 6 January, 2009 - 19:49
Great Reviews, and Thank You

I opted to comment here since I recently bought a VF-1J with super parts, my first Yamato Valkyrie 2.0.

I want to thank all the reviewers at CollectionDX for their insight in both written and video reviews. You guys have really helped me out a ton in researching for the right Valkyrie toy for my person. I'm not a toy collector, so it was all the more enlightening.

I recently re-watched Macross Frontier and opted to watch much of the Macross Franchise again, following with Macross Plus (my favorite of the bunch). In my surfing travels I came across some of your videos of the Yamato Valkyries and was like, "damn, these are super cool." They looked good and you could fiddle around with them. It looked like the perfect balance for me. But, then I saw the price tag and was rather flabbergasted at first. Then, I was starting to learn about what you lads coined as the "Otaku Tax." And, it made sense.

Since I acquired my VF-1J, I've truly come to appreciate the engineering put into the piece even more. Pictures and video don't seem to do it as much justice until you hold it in your hands. I just can't stop fiddling with it! Even if you arn't a toy collector, yet you're a Macross fan, you owe it to yourself to get one of these suckers. When I saw videos of the transformable Revoltechs they look loose and awkward. I would save up the cash and find one of these Yamato babies on sale. Hobbylink Japan ( is definitely a good bet. If you can get the combo package with super parts, it's worth it all the more. It really adds character to the Valkyrie, and you "play dress up" to your heart's content.

For those not familiar with transforming these things, they can be a time consuming process. The first time doing it took me awhile, because some parts seem to demand a slight amount of force to execute. At least, more than one may think (or I'm just doing it wrong). As Atom mentioned, the gunpod is rather loose, sitting in the hand or in the tabs. Also, the swing bar is really stiff, making the transition to and from battroid mode a stress of the heart when putting the bar in the nose cone. Finally, there's complaint of broken "shoulders". The way it's engineered they swing and flip out on a rather weak-looking contraption. Some say they come out of the box broken. Mine were fine. I would just be careful when articulating the tight shoulders and you should be fine. (Note: There are recent re-releases and word of recalls so if you get a recent Valkyrie 2.0 you shouldn't have any shoulder problems out of the box.)

Other than these issues, it's a great piece to be had. It looks great, feels great, and ... get one!

Anyway, wall of text. I'm just excited and have you guys to thank. So, thanks again! Atom, you how-to video on transformation was also very helpful.


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Posted by Drakenfel on 24 June, 2010 - 14:11