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Seravee Gundam

Review by JoshB

Seravie Gundam that has a lot of gimmicks on its huge body.
The backpack is separated and transformed into a concealed main body "Seraphim Gundam"!
Giant · Separation · Transformation · Hidden Arms ...... Attractive aircraft packed with the real thrill of "ROBOT"
Three-dimensional together with that gimmick!

● Completely reproduced separation / deformation of Seraphim Gundam. (Replace only the wrist)
● Seravie Gundam and Seraphim Gundam move joints as well.
● "Hidden arm" reproduction. It is possible to attach a wrist to GN Canon and to have a beam saber for "hidden arm".
● GN Bazooka II can reproduce various shooting forms such as burst mode, buster cannon and so on.
● Back face burst state reproduced by parts exchange.
● Clear parts are used for GN cannon lens part.

Painted finished product Total length about 12.5 cm
Material used ABS, PVC, POM, etc.

【set content】
Seravie Gundam Body, Seraphim Gundam Body, GN Bazooka II, GN Beam Saber, Replacement Wrist, etc.

バックパックが分離し、隠された本体「セラフィムガンダム」に変形 !


彩色済み完成品 全長約12.5cm


Posted 17 March, 2017 - 14:09 by JoshB