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Knight Mare Frame Guren Kashou-shiki

Review by JoshB

Robot Spirits Nightmare Frame 2nd bullet is "Red Crimson Kakurei" which Kuren Kurena drives
Reinforced airframe of popular aircraft "Guren". The product itself also appears from IN ACTION !! OFFSHOOT "Gurennai 2", with further improved power specifications.

■ Flight sliding wing attachable / detachable. Reproduction of Geephon bullet shot.
■ The nail on the right hand moves each finger.
■ Wide range radiated wave mode can be reproduced by replacement.
■ Cockpit hatch, land spinner developable.
■ IN ACTION !! It is the same scale as OFFSHOOT.

[Product specifications] Total length of about 12 cm Finished product Material ABS, PVC, POM
[Set contents] Crimson can body type, flying runner blade, wide range radiation wave wrist

人気機体「紅蓮」の強化機体。商品そのものもIN ACTION!! OFFSHOOT「紅蓮弐式」より、さらにパワーアップした仕様で登場。


【商品仕様】全長約12cm 完成品  使用素材 ABS、PVC、POM

Posted 17 March, 2017 - 13:54 by JoshB