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Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato


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The greatest warship of

The greatest warship of her time... destroyed in only her second engagement by dive bombers in a sacrificial run to stop the Allies from reaching the Home Islands. And they knew the odds were against them before they sailed too. Gotta salute those brave souls...

And no one's built a battleship since. Since then, the aircraft carrier has replaced the battleship as the pride of any navy's fleet because they can deploy fast & agile fighters which can evade big guns. (Although, missile frigates are rather popular nowadays.)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 27 May, 2008 - 18:05
This model ship looked disappointing . . . .

Shogundan, thank you for post all those pictures. I always prefer to take a look first before make my purchase decision.

Although you’ve given high regard to this IJN Yamato, I found the model ship in your pictures looked very disappointing.

Compare with the Taito’s Space Battleship Yamato, this IJN Yamato looked too short (in both length and height) and too fat. The detail is crude and painting application is lacking and boring.

Taito’s Space Battleship Yamato was 40cm, but this one is only 35cm. A true 1/700 scale model should be 38cm in length. The size of this IJN Yamato is not compatible with anyone else. I’ve always wanted an already built, pre-painted IJN Yamato model, but this one is not the solution.

For those people who are interested in pre-built 1/700 scale Yamato, I highly recommend the following:
Takara’s Battleship Yamato sectional model Suggested retail price is 2660yen per ship;
Takara’s Men’s Yamato movie version sectional model Suggested retail price is 3150yen per ship.
They are about twice as expensive as the Taito’s IJN Yamato, but offer about five times more detail and much better paint job.

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Posted by lukehu on 2 June, 2008 - 13:54