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I really like this Gaiking.

I really like this Gaiking. The posability looks amazing...everything a Super should be, IMO. I'll likely pick this guy up along with an overdue Mazinkaiser as well.
The show is actually pretty fun. It's telling that Gaiking's design has remained largely faithful to the original. Ahead of it's (original) time? Perhaps.

"And I'll form the head!"

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Posted by Gigamach on 26 April, 2007 - 16:31
Leg Swap...

I ordered mine from BBTS using the Pile of Loot, so I haven't actually received mine yet. Regarding that factory defect on the leg, it looks like the legs are identical. Maybe you can swap the left and right lower leg pieces, so the defect will only show up on the inside of the left leg. If I'm wrong, then oh well... Looking forward to getting my hands on this guy, but I agree the lack of accessories is somewhat disappointing. I think it all comes down to the amount of plastic used overall. Kaiyodo probably considers that golden skull to be an accessory of sorts...

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Posted by EDcomics on 23 May, 2007 - 08:05