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Eva Mass Production Type


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Not a Redesigned Revoltech EVA

Agreed, I like the Mass Production Evangelion design. (Took a while, but it rubbed-off on me.) I will be getting at least this version, if not the other one without the wings. (They only did that so that one would have wings, and the other would have the spear weapon. Stupid marketing ploy to encourage buying more than one...) These guys, from what I've read, are indeed wolves in 'sheep's' clothing. Though saying they are "Angels of death" is pushing contradiction considering the series in question... ^_^
(T'were I to paint up a model of one of the MP EVAs, I'd douse mine in dark blue instead of white, and then highlight the neck with the same purple as Unit-01; though I'd keep the lips blood red.)

It isn't that they don't need power. On the contrary: they produce gobs of their own power internally [and can even regenerate themselves]- which EVA Units-00 through -03 could not- with the S2 Engine that so dramatically failed on the unseen silver & black EVA Unit-04 mid-way through the series...
(sniff, wipes tear away)
As to how they are controlled, I can't say since I haven't seen "The End of Evangelion" yet.
Say, Josh, does this set come with an alternate version of the head that has the mouth open?

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 29 May, 2007 - 20:09
No alternate mouth,

No alternate mouth, sorry.

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Posted by JoshB on 29 May, 2007 - 20:30
Swapping heads?

I was thinking of swapping the head and neck joint with that of any of the other eva units but i wonder how that will look since the movable thorax piece of the older Eva-01 is not on the MP Eva.

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Posted by Dannad0110 on 10 July, 2007 - 04:20
The trigger hands

The gun-like hands are for holding the heavy lance that comes with the limited edition Lance version of the toy.


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Posted by Minkey Boodle on 26 June, 2008 - 16:16