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Now- this I could sink my

Now- this I could sink my teeth into! Ohh- I'd definitely call it competition for Bionicle.

Question: how many of these pieces are custom-made just for this set, and how many are pieces found throughout the Mega-BLOKS brand?

My biggest problem with Bionicle is that it shifted away from the mythology and magic first set down in the first two years (2001-02). The mechanical Matoran tribes lived in a tropical paradise and were haunted by other mechanical animals which were being subverted by a very Lucifer-like creature called the Makuta. And only the Toa- each possessing a knowledge and power of one of nature's elements- could protect the villagers. Very simple, easy to understand story and characters. You also had a simple collecting gimmick which has quickly fallen by the wayside and become a parody of itself.
But now you have to keep track of this long mythos that involves lost civilizations, erased memories, and cloned monsters that come in sets of six that are essentially repaints.

I wonder- since these NEO Shifters are in close competition, and somewhat resemble the insect-like Bohrok [and Bohrok-Kal], should I cover them for CDX?
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 29 March, 2008 - 19:15
Hi Atom

Hi Atom,
Thank you for the complement and the warm reception. I look forward to meeting you.


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Posted by Shogundan on 29 March, 2008 - 20:50

I gotta be honest I really dont know much about the Bionicle line or Neo Shifters. I got the Duneskiff from Josh to review and get my feet wet. I tried to actually play with it and give my honest opinion. I think I did a good job relaying my experience to our readers. I must admit, I enjoyed tinkering with the Duneskiff. After I was done I found myself wanting to know more about this line of toys as well as the Bionicle line. This being said, I'm really no sure of how many pieces are actually custom for this set. As for covering the Bionicle for CDX, I say why not? It seems to be pretty popular toy line. I'm curious about Bionicle and would definately give anything you submitted a read.

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Posted by Shogundan on 29 March, 2008 - 21:00
"...would definitely give

"...would definitely give anything you submitted a read."

(*faints*, falls to the floor with a crash!)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 30 March, 2008 - 00:00
I personally love this

I personally love this line--it gives Bionicle a run for its money in a literal fashion, as the Shifters cost the same as the canister sets but are a bit larger and have numerous features.

If you're curious, the four vehicles available have matching color schemes with the second wave of Neo Shifters (the ones that fire rotors instead of missiles). This definitely encourages expandability. I'm not quite sure if the combinations will be that great, but it's worth a shot.

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Posted by atom smasher on 29 March, 2008 - 21:10