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Brocken (OVA Version)


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I really hope they decide to

I really hope they decide to continue with the Patlabor license. There were many great designs in the show that really don't have anything like them elsewhere. The Phantom, Saturn, Economy and several others would be great for the line.

The Broken doesn't have any weapons because it was a prototype being illegally transported when it got stolen by terrorists. It is essentially the basis for an armored infantry, much like the Ingram uses scaled up weapons instead of mounted armament, so does the Brocken. It just didn't have any so a pipe sufficed.

It's cool the "limited" version is readily available, but what about that exclusive blue Soltic release from way back. It actually had different parts and is now impossible to get for any kind of reality-based price. I want a reissue, and more Dougram too!

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Posted by duke togo on 6 February, 2008 - 19:22