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Boss Borot 1901


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Dang...sorry to hear that

Dang...sorry to hear that story, apex3!

Crazy experience...just for a mediocre toy. Y'know, the thing that's been holding me back from getting the silver version of this guy was the pilot figures. Boss, Nuke, and Mucha look so...normal. The hell's up with THAT!?

Eh well. And now, to hear that the figure doesn't even have that much diecast in it pretty much seals the deal. :/


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Posted by Sanjeev on 13 May, 2009 - 15:24

I agree the figures should look less Built and Narcissistic...but Doublas version of Dr.??? forgot name looked kind of the same like goth models.

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 13 May, 2009 - 22:44

The wierd thing is that having it be rusted would actually fit the design aesthetic.

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Posted by ZA on 13 May, 2009 - 17:34
Kind a agree

With TimF...

Btw the cost of these Fewture toys... maybe only SHE that cost more that Fewture...

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Posted by Berserk on 13 May, 2009 - 18:50

It is funny, I kind of agree that the weathering, damaged looked to the chrome bars actually equaled the look and style of the piece more...kind of like the mace's look but had to fix...was worried might keep rusting

AJProDie-Cast's picture
Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 13 May, 2009 - 18:59
Thanks for the review,

Thanks for the review, apex3. After I read your review, I opened my boss borot. Same thing happens to me, so sad. Does this happen to all Boss Borot that hasn't been opened for awhile? Is this the reason sellers are selling at half price now?

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Posted by fherjanto on 13 May, 2009 - 22:28

I bought a silver version too along time ago from big bad toy store and it was fine, so don't know...but the more I examine it the more it does not seem the same materials or quality of other fewture models, except the doublas of course....The one I got, in retrospect i noticed the brown tape of the fewture box was very dark brown like it had been exposed to extreme heat...which would o nothing to a normally vented box, but fewture puts a baggie over the black box and then sealed baggies around the rorbot...I did contact the site that sold me it and they said they bought from a warehouse that had a huge amount sitting around...hope that going to leave "weathering look" or paint like I did.

AJProDie-Cast's picture
Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 13 May, 2009 - 22:42
Thanks for your explanation

Thanks for your explanation mate. I just contacted the site that I bought this from, hopefully they can do something about this. Actually I am a MIB collector, all my collections are still sealed. I opened this only after I read your review, and I was very sad when I saw the rust, :(. Most likely I will leave it like it is, since it's back on the box again now. Even better, if I can get a full refund from the seller, hehehe. By the way, I wish I have the skill like you to fix this. I have no idea, how to fix this. Thanks again man

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Posted by fherjanto on 13 May, 2009 - 23:01
Reply from Seller

Just want to give an update regarding boss borot's problem. Here is the reply from my seller:

"As all these are the stock which stored in the warehouse for some years. The metal rods get rust even the box is completely sealed. We have the information from supplier that this happen to all merchandise, and they have reported to Japan but got no further reply. We are sorry for such problem."

I think, this problem is the reason the sellers are selling cheap now

fherjanto's picture
Posted by fherjanto on 14 May, 2009 - 00:59

That is the exact comment I got...who did you buy from, also I have to say, even sealed, unless mositure gets involved I don't know how this can happen...does some one on Collection DX...know...I would love a scientific is not my forte'

AJProDie-Cast's picture
Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 14 May, 2009 - 06:33
I think the seller has

I think the seller has prepared the same format to answer this problem, LOL. Yes I have no idea as well how this thing can happen, but i guess it has something to do with heat, moisture and metal, hehehehe

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Posted by fherjanto on 14 May, 2009 - 21:12
This look makes it feel like

This look makes it feel like it was constructed from parts found in a junkyard. And somehow, it suits it more.

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Posted by Decade010 on 15 May, 2009 - 21:43

Okay, Let me get one thing clear, I LOVE the EX Getters. they are mechanized, Dynamic, and Getter 3 could actually sit next to the Aoshima Shin Getters and look like its getter 3....or at least in my eyes anyway...

but THIS?! Dear God, this is what happens when you have the guy who designed the Michael Bay Transformers do Super Robots...Boss was cartoony, Expressive, and had a look of "Designed on a small budget"

But this Abomination looks like it came out of a Bad CG Movie. gone is the Cartoony Joy of the Lethal Joke of Borot, and instead we get this hollow monstrosity that looks more "KILL....ME...." than it does any sort of Jollity or False-Threat.

and the Rusted Metal cements the hatred I have for this....THING.

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Posted by blitzkriegomega on 23 March, 2013 - 14:30