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DX Gougou Gattai DaiBouken


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nice reveiw

nice reveiw btw have you done the flaspoint yet (the japanese one) i cant wait till christmas 1 more week away im geting loads of stuff like titan megazord (i wont be getting magiking becuase there the same mold but the titan megazord is now 17 pounds wich is realy cheap compared to magiking) spd complete series xbox360 and dualdrive megazord with i will just play with and loads more. im getting (if they got them yet) i transmax vechles flashpoint (siren builder) or battle fleet (daivoyger) tomorro but only if the got them in is micro flashpoint (siren builder) a good buy for 7 pounds

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Posted by jordanB on 18 December, 2008 - 11:25