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Dan & Goruba


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Isn't it Goruba?

Speaking of broken things, the right kneecap of my Vol. 1 E&P figure (Garo & Zaruba) broke a couple of months ago due to repeated posing. I just had to use some super glue to stick it on the shin area since the kneecap itself wouldn't stick to the knee anymore. And don't get me started on the Makai Kado versions of Garo, Zero and Kiba - the QC issues of those toys were bad (the right leg of my Kiba figure fell off from the hip joint without warning).

I guess Vol. 8 is really hard to find nowadays, same goes with Vol. 2 and Shinmetsujushin Garo but I think only a few cared for it. Even when I went to Nakano Broadway and Akihabara a few weeks ago, the sets I only saw were Vol. 1 Garo, Kiba, Gouten and Tsubasabito Garo.

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Posted by makaikishi on 31 May, 2014 - 00:15 is goruba..someone is goruba..someone may have mistakenly edit that beforw publishing the review.

Does the MK version really have such issues?i mean i did see one review where the hip joint broke but i thought its a fluke because my Jaaku feels fine.

Nobody really care for dan he was out but now,quite a lot of people want him to complete their knights line up.really?the rekka ensou and shimetsujushin is quite easy to find in my country..fairly cheap to boot..i have shinmetsujushin in hand and done the photoshoot..just dont have the time yet to write the review..check out my gallery to see some pic of it.

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Posted by Ghost_XIII on 31 May, 2014 - 02:24
QC issues

I've read in some random forums regarding Makai Kado's QC issues like the broken hip-joints on Garo, my Makai Kado Kiba as I've said earlier had its right leg popped off from the hip joint for no reason plus the waist and chest joint is loose. Those issues must be the reason why the Makai Kado line is now relegated to web-exclusive, in order for Bandai to avoid more loses in terms of mass retail.

I have Roudo as well as the Restored Shine Garo figure and so far I haven't encountered any issues in posing and joint breakage. Those QC problems obviously were from the first 3 figures that utilized the Equip & Prop molds and the "improved articulation" was a lie.

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Posted by makaikishi on 31 May, 2014 - 02:38
hm...quite a legit

hm...quite a legit theory...

ah..roudo..i really want that wasnt a lie technically..garo can bend his knee better lol..i've seen some people mod the joint on the mk figure and its awesome

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Posted by Ghost_XIII on 31 May, 2014 - 03:01